if you love me, why don’t you let me go

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ahh 4 hours of Guitar Hero FOC in the comfort of melinda’s house has got to be the ultimate cure for my flu. haha yea i had the flu. but i guess i’ll never know whether its h1n1 because otherwise i’d never see the light of day for 7 freaking days, although it’ll be quite cool to say i survived a national pandemic without so much as a single pill of panadol.

we played world tour first and then we moved on to GH 3 legends of rock. wah lao my fingers nearly died while playing ‘hard’ in legends of rock! its definitely more challenging than world tour. basket kill my ego only, i thought i’m like so pro already can manage hard so well.

plus i was playing the new GH on my nds this morning hahaha.
fingers getting a real good workout.

fingers also get an unnecessary workout when you type aimless messages to people who don’t give you the reply you want, or rather, need at this stage of the game.

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