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hahah a quickie before i go to sleep!

i hate saturdays. its spent waking up with less than 8 hours of sleep (yes i am a pig) and rushing to morning tuition in hougang, and then trying not to nod off in the afternoon tuition. omg man. but at least hougang tuition kid’s mother is very nice! she always give me breakfast (: haha last week was yummy curry puff and this week was redbean pancake. om nom nom nom

anyhow yesterday was the LONG-DELAYED class outing. haha finally nearly everyone managed to show up, my greatest organisation achievement in 6 months. we went to blu jaz bar along bali lane, its a great place to chill if you like jazz music or cheap good food. bonus if you like both! haha i was really enjoying the cheap good food part. it was 830pm before we ordered and i was starving so when the chicken chop came, i wolved it down! it tasted damn awesome btw, even though there was brinjal and long beans. but it was too dark to see the food clearly, plus i was hungry, so i ate everything anyway.

but then the jazz music started and it wasn’t really our favourite genre of music, except shaun, who looked genuinely interested. so we left by 10pm. haha the rest went to clarke quay to drink but because i had tuition marathon the next day, i had to go home ):

hee hee here are more funny photos with the help of picasa and photoshop, enjoy!


oh yea it was kenny’s 20th birthday! oh well its today actually. but renard bought him a lovely cheese-free cake (poor guy is psycologically lactose-intolerant) and we got the jazz band to play him a birthday song. haha but because it was a jazz remix, nobody knew how to sing the words because the beats were so uncoordinated and spontaneous hahaha.





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