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haha i’m still quite surprised i didn’t get a hangover. guess you’ll have to be really drunk to get one.

i spent the entire thursday recuperating at home though, i dont know how people can keep up with this kind of lifestyle and still go to school or work the next day. i was totally gg-ed.

on friday however, i went to watch transformers with melly!! haha we got extremely good seats, 2 rows from the back in a GV max theatre, because i booked it online. well initially, i was supposed to go with matin but then he got contained in camp until 11th july. so luckily melinda was nice enough to accompany me! otherwise i’d have to pay $18 and lift up the armrest so that my fat ass will occupy two seats in order to get my money’s worth. and needless to say, i’d have to watch it alone…which is like totally confronting one of my greatest fears in life. watching-movie-alonebia

transformers probably lived up to everyone’s expectations, even if it didn’t, at least megan fox was there with her newly plumped lips. they are amazingly perfect you know. angelina jolie’s lips look absolutely saggy (although natural) next to hers.

don’t even get me started on all the scenes where megan fox’s boobs are moving on their own.

haha oh and there was also the permanently horny college girl. the part with her tongue action is damn funny!! but i cannot say because i dont want to be a spoiler. haha you’ll know what i’m talking about when you watch it.

ohh and transformers soundtrack is amazing! i went to get all the songs after that. absolutely love let it go by cavo.

today, kaye brought me to people’s park. and there are 32520938520 shops that sell toiletries and basically almost everything they sell at guardian/watsons at cheaper prices!!! i managed to buy like the super dua gong of veet for $9 ONLY. the normal sized ones at guardian already cost $9. i know i sound like an auntie, but if i save this amount of money on the little things, i can totally use it to buy more clothes! HAHA

i also bought suntan lotion for $8.50. haha sunblock costs a ridiculous $22 at watsons, here, they sell it for $14! amazing right? i wanted to buy the whole shop la!

well there are a couple of shops in the vincinity so you can walk around to compare prices if you are extremely auntie la. haha but then you’ll need a detailed blueprint of the place because all the shops look the same -_-

after that we went to get underwear! haha yea the place has alot of underwear shops also. i found seamless underwear at 3 for $10. sounds damn dodgy but the quality is almost the same as triumph! anw whatever the brand is, they still give me wedgies la, so rather pay less to have no vpl.

i also bought a phone cover for my E63. haha bargained with the uncle for $17 from $20. haha should’ve asked for less cos he was so willing to give me a lower price.

lol i can’t believe i spent $40 in people’s park man.
of all places to spend that much money at…


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