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omg what a day. an extremely unforgettable one at that too…hahaha.

well first, i met gen for our long overdue exercise session at OCC gym. lol but neither of us felt like running this time, so we did some weights. gen introduced me to the assisted pull-ups machine haha so i went to try it. it was all for good fun, and we were totally taking retarded pictures of each other on the machine. but then i didn’t know how to get off, so i just let go and the weights just came down with a loud CRASH.

LOL!!! how embarrassing. immediately after that, the guy in charge of the gym came over and decided to teach us how to use the weights machine properly. hahah he stood there until we each did 3 sets of 15 pull-ups omg…

talk about free training man…

haha but then he disappeared for lunch once he had assured himself we were not going to crash anymore of his machines, so we went back to fooling around with weights and the camera LOL




haha in case you were wondering, i am aching now. so i suppose all that rubbish weights did prove to be useful after all!

after gymming, i rushed to charles and keith to buy a pair of sandals!! hahaha it was an impulse decision but the wedge sandals were super nice, i couldn’t not buy it. and plus i needed something glam later to club in other than my overused pumps.

and then i met joel and melly for dinner, before heading to dbl O. i tell you, i had such an unforgettable first-timer’s experience of the whole clubbing scene. it was such an eye-opener, esp because dbl O is a relatively more mature club and therefore that’s where all the weird behaviours start to manifest themselves in so many different human forms. W-I-L-D!!

dbl O is great because drinks are free for ladies on wednesdays. and if not for that, i doubt i’d ever be convinced enough to step foot into a place like that. i had rum+coke and vodka redbull to wake me up from the tiring gymming. and then they gave us some free and yummy strawberry-guava alcoholic iceblend that tasted like sweets haha.

i was still fine and extremely sober after all that. but then joel went and bought us all shots! tequila shots and i forgot what the other one was. the tequila shot tasted like shit, basically alcohol burning down your throat. and although i dont like lime, i was sucking on it like crazy after that to get rid of the horrible taste. after that shot, i was tipsy and wobbling all over the place already hahaha!!




those were all taken before the shots btw hahahaha!


mel and i wobbled to the toilet, and tried to contain ourselves because we ended up standing behind some fugly and fat SPG, who had been doing the exact same retarded catwalk dance (i dont think know whether its called dancing) to every single song that played. i dont even dance and i think i have more variety of, although stupid-looking, but at least valid dance moves. and she keeps staring back at us because i think she has the impression that we keep checking her dance moves out because shes awesome or something. crazy bitch!

haha we stumbled back to the table, and found another friend that joel had invited. and that guy knew the bunch of army guys in the next table. so haha in all drunken madness, joel asked him to get the bunch of guys to take a photo with melinda. LOL yes i wasn’t involved in any of this, i was volunteering to take the picture. but then the posse was asking me to join in and i couldn’t say no lol!!

yes therefore if you ignore me in that photo, its basically melinda and her posse of candidates, all photoshopped a number for voting! HAHA

i know poor M3 has the number on his forehead but that’s cos i couldnt find anywhere else to fit it on!! hahaha



with joel’s friends raymond and you xian, and a very bad photo-taker. who the hell takes photos where the people occupy less than half the space of the photo?!?!


haha we hit the dancefloor when everyone was numb with alcohol and zomg i can’t believe i couldn’t feel the pain in my heels for 4 hours straight on the dancefloor. haha amazing effects of alcohol huh.

the dancefloor had even more weird encounters. melinda was like a magnet for all sorts of guys. haha the 5 of us would be dancing in a circle and occassionally, weird men would pop up behind melinda to dance with her!!! hahah it was hilarious to watch at first, then they got pervy. haha i had to use my camera to swipe away some bald old angmoh’s hands from melinda.

oh yuck and then there was an ex-schoolmate, who came with his army pals. and kept hovering around the group of us! it was so annoying because he grinds anything that moves. the moment joel and his friends went to the loo, mr big bad wolf came lurking over to grind somebody. and joel came back and asked him ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE OR NOT??!?!’ then hes like ‘DUNNO LA! FUCK YOU!’

deprivation and desperation all exhibiting itself in the same individual, pathetic indeed.

haha and there were also these two angmohs who came over and stood outisde the circle of us and indicated they wanted to join in by RUFFLING OUR HEADS WITH THEIR HANDS! WTF?? hahahaha at first everyone thought it was joel!! lol then we looked up to find these 2 retards smiling dumbly at us.

by 3am i was sober again. but the rest didn’t seem to be, so i had to tahan half an hour more before we could go home. all the sensation of pain had started to come back to my arms and feet. wahh piang i just went home and crashed. even then, the redbull from the jaggerbomb seemed to be keeping me awake, never again am i drinking that.

what a strange experience, yet funny all the same.
i am officially not a clubbing virgin anymore!!! 😀


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