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bleh, i woke up early (1030am) today, all motivated to go out shopping with mummy despite the sleep deprivation, because i was under the impression that i might get to buy new sandals!!

well instead, we hung around orchard and stupid orchard doesn’t have novo. and i refuse to settle for any other sandals because the purple ones at novo really the best i’ve seen. so i didn’t bother to go look in any of the other shoe shops. therefore i was pretty much guai daughter who appears to be accompanying mummy to shop for her stuff without any agenda.

then mum and i walked to DFS, and i was really sure she was gonna buy a bag from there alr. so i decided to ask her to buy my sandals after she’s super happy about buying her bag.

true enough, she walked into LV and 10 minutes later, we walked out with a massive LV paperbag. hahaha seemed like she’d been considering the purchase for quite some time, its super unlike her to spend so little time to think about blowing that much money on anything.


super nice right!!! i’m so gonna kope it one day, when she has moved on to better bags hahaha.


lol i was eyeing that as well. like blatantly eyeing it man. but always fail la. unfortunately, i’m not the spoilt brat who gets to own branded coin purses. so nice right! i bet it’s at least $700. can buy one ipod touch and loads of new clothes with that amount of money..

anyway afterwards i asked her if we could go to marina square. wah lao very easy, just take train only lor. then she say ‘ohh..hmm..no time already la’ and then she walked out to the bus stop and we took a bus home -____-

talk about major FAIL

once the possibility of buying new sandals had disappeared into thin air, the lethargy started to set in real fast and i hit the bed the moment i went home. too depressed and sleepy for anything else already.

ooh yes!! speaking of buying things, i’ll be selling things!!!!

and i’ll be selling my clothes offline at fleatique’s night flea at the Singapore Arts Museum on the 11th July Saturday 7pm to 2am. haha i signed up for it with mel in early june and i was so sure i didn’t get it cos i didn’t get a reply on the expected date. but today they emailed me!!! haha yayyy i’m so excited. it costs $50 to rent a stall but well, i suppose its the experience that counts right. but i’m not so rich la, i also hope i get to sell alot of clothes haha.


now, things to do before the big day:

1. get a clothes rack- anyone want to lend me? i’m talking about the one that has two vertical poles supporting a horizontal one and you hang all your clothes on it with hangers.

2. decide what clothes to sell, and price-tag the clothes

3. get a nice and bright tablecloth!

4. advertise on FB! hahaha

exciting!! can’t wait!! (:


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