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HA i haven’t gone out all WEEK!

everyday is just about the same really- trying to sell clothes online, playing viva pinata (BLOODY AWESOME GAME) and watching greys anatomy.

but this week kind of marks the end of slackerdom because i got 2 more tuition assignments and they all seem to be eating up my weekends. i’m going to die of stress when year 2 starts and i have 4 tuition kids to handle. thats 8 hours a week of studying gone HA HA. but 8 hours per week of $ for new clothes, shoes and bags to make me happy when i suck at exams.

and in july i will be helping out with the facilitation thingy again! haha more hyperactive kids and more $ 😀

i’ve also just finished ordering 2 batches of forever 21 and 1 batch of old navy. its a miracle but i actually managed to get enough orders to hit free shipping for both without much advertisement on facebook and my blog.

my attempt to advertise on facebook sucked because my little link-recommendation kept getting swallowed up by 3385029845203 stupid facebook quizzes. seriously, stop trying to find out ‘Which ipod you are’ or ‘What your pornstar name should be‘ and just click on my link and SHOP.

and then i tried advertising on my blog. but hahaha FAIL, despite having at least 40 hits a day. i know its not alot la but it was worth a shot at least! lol

well but lets just say i have alot of rich friends, thankfully…



bet now you are wishing you had spreed with me hahaha!

wah lao the old navy slippers are damn awesome! the black one only cost $2.50 USD!! and the bronze one is used to comfort myself for getting the gold pair in the wrong size the other time ): oh well that cost $5 USD. also very cheap!

oh yes!! and this!! $12.50 USD each for the top and bottom! and in such a lovely shade of purple too! i just hope they fit, otherwise must sell ):

so pretty!! pity though i missed the offer when it was going for $10 USD each only.

but i had a 10% off the total bill at old navy this time because one of the items went out of stock in my previous batch after i ordered. good right! now you’re totally killing yourself for not spreeing with me. HA HA.

well there’s always next month i suppose 😀


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