go on, tear it up

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am SHAMELESSLY advertising this


Old navy and F21 Spree ending Saturday!!!!

please support!! please tell your friends to spree with US because nobody else lets you spree without charging handling fees and a hundred other reasons to kope your money for profit.

otherwise i’ve been spending lots of time with greys anatomy and my tissue box. three of us are dear friends now. haha in between drooling for Mcsteamy, i am sobbing for all the sad dying patients and getting pissed off with how self-obsessed Meredith Grey is.

talk about mixed feelings indeed

anyway i finally got another tuition assignment! definitely gonna solve the financial problems that i’ve incurred this month because of all the free time and evil online shops. haha i just discovered that bodyshop has an online store and they provide reviews of all the products by customers who’ve actually used it. so it gives me a good second and third opinion, and unfortunately, tell me things that i want to hear to convince me to break my budget and buy the product.

and i probably might participate in a flea market when melinda gets back from UK! just for the experience you know. after all, i’ve hadn’t had much success online, so time to change strategies.

can’t wait for next next week, when melly comes back!!!!
finally, i won’t be sitting around at home doing unproductive things!


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