three times lucky

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hahaha just as i was racking my head while trying to work out all the calculations for the shipping and stuff this morning, father christmas (that is, mr postman) arrived at the doorway and called my name!!! i hurriedly signed the confirmation of reception documents, and carried two cartons worth of magical goodies into my house.

wahhhh so fun to go through all the stuff and pack everything for everyone, eyeing enviously at the nice clothes that my friends bought and showing them off to my mother, after that revealing (with much sadness) that they’re actually not mine.

but my stuff were stilll fabulous! and they fit!! oh no now i’m itching to buy more stuff from F21. plus they’re so efficient (compared to old navy), i could have actually received everything within 1.5 weeks, if not for the fact that i was waiting for stupid ON stuff to reach vpost :/

and double yay! because my cap went up by 0.1 (to 4.2) this sem!! how unexpected man, especially since i got B+ for frigging murderous LSM. haha perhaps the MCQ did have alot of B answers and i got really lucky! lol another shock was getting A- for singapore studies, and a B+ for soci. i thought those grades were going to be reversed. i guess paying 1000+ points from my G account was worth it for the A- after all (:

finally, a triple yay! because awesome kaye’s awesome friend lent me 4 seasons of GREYS ANATOMY. hahaha plenty to do to keep my boring weekend occupied!


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