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i’m currently running on 4.5 hours of sleep. surprisingly, i managed to stay quite awake throughout the day, thanks to a trusty dose of paracetamol in the morning.

by the time the facilitation was over, i was shagged out man. kids can be so hilarious yet exasperating all at the same time. thank goodness it was just 5 hours. haha but now, i’m quite certain i will never ever join the teaching profession- its amazing how teachers can wake up so bloody early and still have the energy to shout and scold for 5 hours. right now, i can strike that out of my “plan B” list if my results are crap tomorrow.

oh god, results….
ok, chuck that thought for now

i was up so early and walking to my VERY OWN MRT. hahaha i’m talking about the newly-opened marymount station that’s less than 50m from my house. damn exciting ok. the mrt is nearer than all the bus stops that surround my house. another excuse for me not to take up driving!

it was ghostly quiet when i arrived at the station. so surreal and uncluttered. sadly, the line only runs back and forth between 5 stations, and i only use it to get to/from bishan MRT. haha that’s like one stop la so cheap thrill.



just me and another RI noob in the first carriage.

once kent ridge terminal is up next year, circle line will be my most frequent form of transportation!

okay, moving on. i returned home from my arduous morning with a bunch of hyperactive kids at 3pm. i was starving and having deja vu feelings from famine camp, because i hadn’t had my lunch yet. i grabbed a quick bite and then tried to take a nap. but gen pushed Singapore Flyer plans earlier. however, she said something about driving me– the two magic words that motivated me to go without a nap. honestly, i’d rather be sleep-deprived and driven around, than suffering from bloody blistered feet from walking around in heels, even if there’s the circle line.

anyhow! Singapore Flyer is having the $10 student promo discount. well i was abit late to go la, since it ends on the 29th may i think.

imagine paying 1/3 the price i paid (or at least matin did) last year when Singapore Flyer first opened and everyone thought it was damn awesome and there were no incidents of cabins dangling precariously in the air yet.

we were all dressed up for flyer! and then embarrassed to find that 99.99% of the passengers were wearing such shabby clothes. there were kids practically taking the flyer in school uniform. got student discount also dont need to wear until like that right?

camwhoring made up most of the 30 minutes. since it was only $10, there was no pressure to focus on enjoying the sights. after all, no matter how you rotate on the wheel, the sights don’t change much:

construction sites on the left,
containers and a shipping yard on the right,
oh right! there’s a small speck of the esplanade durian over there
wow! marina bay stadium!
best of all, you can actually spot a random HDB estate in the CBD!!






talk about shabby man. someone in our cabin decided to air-dry their snoopy jacket on the railings in the cabin for the 30 min ride.

lol we were stuck with taking photos of ourselves because quite paiseh to get other people to take for us. but then….we saw this couple sitting on the floor and taking self-timed shots with their camera on the metal bench!! haha IDEA!

well of course, glam as we were, cannot sit on the floor la. and then, i discovered that the design of the cabin: the height of the railings, and metal bars, are FANTASTIC places to steady your camera for self-timer shots!!!

so 15 mins later, we switched to self-timer shots all the way!




hahaha kind of not glam anymore. but it was superbly fun!

after the ride, our feet were aching so badly, we decided to drive off to pick nat up already even though it was still early.

gen had an idea to drop me off at raffles city starbucks to get coffee. so i went and bought us 2 frapps and walked back to the same spot that she told me to wait at. i waited for 15 minutes but still no sign of her. my hands were frost-bitten from balancing the freezing frapps so i decided to drink mine first. haha wtf i finish drinking, still no gen and her honda.

finally i found out she got lost and ended up in liang court- dont ask, i also dunno how. well finally though, when my ass was back in the honda, i was able to lend an extra pair of hands with the navigation. haha two people with absolutely no sense of direction in a car is extremely bad indeed..

no prizes for guessing what we did while waiting for nat in the car..


ok am bloody shagged, and nervous about tml’s results. especially LSM, which really slaughtered me big time. my stomach is in knots thinking about the outcome of my CAP. if i were in any other course, maybe it wouldn’t matter as much. but this sem was supposedly a breeze for us, and maybe too much of a breeze that i got lazy. guess its too late for regrets now anyway. crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!


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