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gen and i took a trip down to Tan Boon Liat buliding today just to fill up an application form to be a part-time retail assistant at Toys R Us. and im quite sure i won’t get it, because loads of people will definitely go down to apply since the holidays have pretty much started for everyone else as well. damn you schoolkids, spoiling market.

on the bright side though, thanks to matin’s sister, i managed to get a job as a facilitator for DNA fingerprinting experiment this thurs!! although the school i’m facilitating at is definitely miles away from home- i have to get up at 530am on a SCHOOL HOLIDAY :S, it pays really well, so sacrificing that beauty sleep has got to be worth it.

and i went for upper lip threading today!! it took me 1 minute of deliberation outside selegie building, as matin was counting down, but i just decided to heck it and face my fear of pain. haha so valiant!

i told the woman i wanted upper lip threading, then she got her assistant to do it for me. when i lay down, the assistant told me to put my hand on my forehead and pull it back. but wait a minute, why do i have to pull up my forehead when shes going to be threading all the way down at my lip area?? and dont you do that only in eyebrow threading? wtf??

so i reminded the assistant that i wanted upper lip threading. she nodded and told me to pull back my forehead again. wah lao i thought some special technique, although very illogical because there’s no way that pulling back my forehead would make upper lip threading any easier, but i just did it anyway. before i knew it, she made one threading swipe at my eyebrows. hahaha i practically dodged it so that the thread didn’t grab much hair. i think she was quite surprised by my reaction LOL. but if i had been any more subtle, i’d have no more eyebrows.

i finally figured she didn’t understand english, so i made wild hand gestures to point at my lip, before she finally got it.

10 seconds later, i have a hairless upper lip! its not as painful as i thought it would be. my pain tolerance is quite moderate, or perhaps you really need to stress yourself out before that so that you will enjoy a descending modulation effect on the spinothalamic pathway. in English: less pain. i think eyebrow threading is definitely more agonizing. and for $3 only! so cheap and good (except for the accidental eyebrow threading part). can give browhaus a run for their money.

once again, its at selegie building. can’t remember what the shop name is, but its the one next to Cleopatra’s Secrets, which i went to for eyebrow threading cos its cheaper. but upper lip threading is cheaper by $1 at the other shop. aiyar not that i $1 also want to geh gao la okay, just that Cleopatra Secrets happened to be closed just now.

anyhow, i really enjoyed angels and demons over the weekend! took me awhile to go watch it because every-damn-where was overflowing with people trying to watch. and it was worse when night at the museum 2 came out. i can only imagine whats going to happen when transformers 2 come out.

angels and demons wasn’t exactly identical to the book. and, to me, that’s especially important for a movie that was adapted from a fantastic book, so that got me feeling quite restless as i watch bits that didn’t match up with the details in the story- especially the rescue of the Cardinal who was branded with Water haha damn drama one la. but i guess you can’t condense so much in 2.5 hours.


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