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wednesday’s sun was a mighty blast of UV rays man!

it was so frigging hot!!! at least 33 degrees i think. luckily we slapped on enough suntan lotion to save our skins from burning. i am scarily much browner compared to 1 week ago though. haha which is good so i dont have to obsess about the sun for the next month or so until my tan fades away.

today, on the other hand, was another attempt to get fit. want to wear bikini must first look good in it right? well it felt alot easier than last week’s gymming, which means that i’m getting some stamina back and that is a good sign!!

running 2km felt alot less dreadful, mainly because i kept distracting my tired mind by visualizing myself running on the ACJC track. somehow, i find it less monotonous and more bearable running on actual ground. it feel like its never going to end when i run on the treadmill.



i look more constipated than exercising

haha after running, we were both quite gg-ed, as usual. so as you can see, we made a weak attempt at a couple of the weights machine before deciding that they were too evil, so we zao-ed for the pool!!

we met jessie later at Udders for ice-cream.
ya ya, i know what you’re thinking. at least we tried right?

udders is a damn good ice-cream place though. the flavours are plentiful and each are just as authentic-tasting. gen and i shared a waffle with honeycomb snickers mars and dunno what super long-named ice-cream flavour, and choc marsh, which is like chocolate with marshmallow. the choc marsh was fantastic! the marshmallow doesnt seem to come in bits, but is evenly spread out throughout the chocolate ice-cream, so its chewy chocolate with every bite! 😀

the other one is basically loads of different chocolate bits like mars bars, snickers, honeycomb, all mashed up in vanilla ice-cream. today’s scoop wasn’t as nice as the last time i tried it because they didn’t give me the large block of snickers ): hahaha


Udders is situated outside United square, which is at Novena MRT btw

since the place was relatively empty, we ended up hogging it for an hour playing retarded board games haha. i haven’t played board games in AGES omg i forgot all the fun and joy i used to have with them after exams in primary school, when things like handphones and nitendo ds were either not invented yet or not allowed in school.

gen and jessie insisted we play Cluedo for what seemed like forever. my brain was too dead to be able to think, so i didn’t win any of the rounds haha.

finally we changed to Taboo!! i’ve never played it before but it sounds fun hahaha. gen ended up blurting out some of the strangest things when i was describing a word to her.

Word to guess: Family Tree
me: ‘you know in harry potter, there’s one part that sirius black shows harry this picture with all the branches and things. what is it?’
gen: ‘Serial’ (killer -_- )

Word to guess: Mummy
me: ‘you would call your mother..?’
gen ‘fucker?’

extremely exasperating! hahah but also extremely hilarious, especially the part that jessie described a tooth with ‘the white thing in your mouth‘ and tongue as ‘when you french kiss, you will use your?’ LOL

i think i am terribly sleep-deprived too. have been sleeping so few hours the past few days. today i was sleeping everywhere i went, on the shuttle bus, on the train, on the bus back home. so okay going to sleep now, and wake up tml to play viva pinata!!

btw i can’t believe ADAM LAMBERT LOST.

haha shocker of the day, but watching AMI for the second time around just now made me think that Kris deserved to win. especially the part when Lambert don on his frightening mock wire shoulder-padded suit to sing with Kiss, an even more frightening band. well but i hope neither of them ever go MIA, despite all the lack of success by most previous AMI winners :S, because they are both awesome.


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