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goodness me. i’ve been spending the past half an hour being rejected repeatedly from the moderator’s queue to get my damn entry posted on sgflea. well, see my entry was up but then it was deleted somehow. dunno whether it was something i did or what. i felt so sucky the entire day after that because none of my stuff got sold ):

so I FINALLY GOT IN againnn.. wah lao i tell you this is just as hard as getting through the phone lines on radio to win prizes lor.

anw loads of other stuff happened to cheer me up! first of all, the weather was finally beach-perfect! and despite the fact that i barely had 5 hours of proper sleep, i was able to endure the entire day out, even after tanning under the scorching sun! finally, intense sunlight to good use! but am burnt as a result of not packing on enough of banana boat.

hilarious stuff kept happening during our trip to sentosa too!

first was suelynn’s frightening wardrobe malfunction, but i kept my eyes closed during the crucial parts. haha i shall spare her and not dwell on the details…

secondly, was the angmoh man on the sentosa train, who tried to chat kaye up after she bumped her bag accidentally into his butt. haha he jokingly accused her of pickpocketing him and then kept leaning over to elaborate more on his supposedly funny accusation. haha following the incident, came a whole string of SPG jibes by the honourary member of the anti-SPG club, lim suelynn.

OMG my lj entry got rejected.
ok i’m ditching this for that now. goodbye!

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