one month of fame

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hahaha after collecting the forever 21 spree stuff from YCK mrt, jessie msged me to tell me that i was in the june issue of seventeen magazine. so i immediately bought a copy of it upon alighting at bishan mrt- one less copy circulating around, if the picture turns out to be really bad huh..



fasio called me in late april to ask for my permission to use my picture. and i was like uhhh okay. haha who secretely doesnt want to be featured in a magazine right, even with the possibility that the picture could turn out really really terrible.

and then they asked for some comments about the mascara. well mind you, all i managed to stutter was “…enhances my eyelashes. and i thought it was very original that fasio brought the makeover to schools” Exact Words; everything else was enhanced for me so that i sound more coherent and like i really am the bimbo.

haha well and i suspect the photo might’ve been enhanced too, because if i remember correctly, i wasn’t wearing mascara yet when it was taken. LOLL!

see if you can find your face here! 😀

haha loads of pharm people being featured because they were having the makeover during our breaktime before prac test.

anyhow, the F21 spree stuff finally arrived today! was so excited while digging out the whole stash of goodies to locate mine. well in the end, the denim shorts i got were a little loose but its still nice so i’m going to keep it anyway. the babydoll dress is very pretty!! omg can’t wait to order the next batch of F21! and old navy!!

vpost please quickly send my activation password!!!

anyhow i finally decided to set up a selling lj to sell clothes that i don’t wear for really really cheap prices.

took the entire afternoon to set up my lj account. really such a noob at lj haha but luckily they had helpful FAQ to help me out along the way.

i haven’t uploaded it yet cos there is a fricking queue to be approved just so i can have my entry on sgflea. piangz…anw i hope i get to sell at least some clothes. otherwise very sad, nobody want to buy even though so cheap, really says smt about my taste at the point in time that i bought them LOL.

and at least i’ll have smt other than shopping to keep me occupied this hols!

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