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am. so. TIRED.
am. such. a. noob.

first time running in, say, 1 year plus? i definitely lost all the fitness that ACJC pe sessions drilled into me. now i’m just one flabby piece. i managed 2km on the treadmill today, and contrary to what SOMEONE would say, it COUNTS for something!

well but after that ardous run, i was feeling damn dizzy and started having a migraine because of all the dilated blood vessels. it took awhile to go away, and i realised how unfit i really am. well by the end of 3 jobless months, i’m sure i’ll become hot (:

after gymming for barely half an hour, we escaped to the pool for a nice tanning session. the sun was the right intensity today but it wasn’t behaving itself, zipping in and out of the clouds every few minutes. so i didnt get a good tan. but its damn shiok to have the entire pool to yourself, to do weird plant dances everytime the sun come along, and to even consider trying to slide down the kiddy slide.

even more shiok was the bath after that!!!

can’t believe gen didn’t tell me to NOT bring towels and plastic bags. every bloody thing was provided for, even drinking water okay. wah lao i so noob, carry one huge bag worth of unnecessary things. haha anyhow, bathing in the glorious shower rooms with the enormous shower head and water at just the right temperature, changing in the nicely air-conditioned changerooms, blowing my hair nice and straight with the hairdryer, and finishing up with a nice-smelling moisturizing hand lotion from the dispenser- shiookkk to the max!

my $3 guest fee was damn worth it la..

anw after all that, we walked the whole of city hall area, and orchard, just to check out all the preview sales in the individual topshop/miss selfridge outlets. i tried on about 6 dresses, one was extremely SPG-like and i refused to consider buying it although gen was insistent on convincing me that i was nice. another one looked great but i decided i wasn’t going to pay $40 for a dress that i found so hard to put on/take off. no zipper, no buttons, nothing. omg i spent 5 mins trying to put it on, and another 5 mins trying to take it off. very very tiring!

in the end, i really really stuck to my oath of allegiance to non-shoppaholism and didn’t buy anything, except for 2 pen refills for my G2 at the Harris sale haha. gen, however, bought a nice tunic from selfridge and a polo tee from topshop for a total of $40 only!

sales are fabulous. but it sucks to not be able to buy anything from them. i even had to put off buying my strapless/backless nubra from topshop for now because i feel really broke from ytd :S

feeling absolutely achy now. but i shall endure the agony as i ascend up the pathway to hotness this holidays!


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