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yes i told myself i wasn’t going to spend money, but i keep going back on that. so i should stop making false promises to myself haha!!




i dont usually buy charles and keith shoes because they dont seem to fit my feet very well. but then their standard and designs are really getting better and today, suelynn and i fell in love with this pair of caged zipper heels!!

normal caged zipper heels have numerous thin straps, which make it look very precarious and uncomfortable-looking. these ones have thick straps! and the patent leather material makes it look so classy ((:

i’ve never raved about heels before, but wahhh ❤ at first sight! and when i tried it on, well apart from accidentally zipping my skin a little at first, it didn't feel like any normal frightening high heels that threaten to break my ankles if i took one step forward. and considering that these were at least 3 inches high, walking was relatively easy! not effortless, yet, but i'm working on it…

oh dear, now my right ankle feels rather sore from all that parading around in the heels at home, because of the horrible sprain from 2 years ago :S but beauty is not without some sacrifice!

suelynn bought the black version of the heels! come to think of it, we kind of have a tendency to buy the same things. last week, kaye bought the same charles and keith bag as me cos it was a really good buy! today, suelynn and kaye bought the same pair of MNG jeans, suelynn and i have the same MNG top in different colours from the last MNG sale, suelynn and i got the same charm necklace from the previous forever 21 spree, and the list goes on. hahaha can’t help having the same GOOD taste (:

anyhow the black caged heels looked REALLY DOMINATRIX!! furthermore, she was wearing a black corset top and shorts. lol give her a whip and she’d totally fit the image perfectly!

kaye and i were laughing at her when she strutted around in the shop, and i caught an angmoh woman in the corner sniggering at us too. heh heh quite sexy la huh. in the end, she spent 15 minutes deciding whether to get black or beige. haha well the dominatrix urge eventually dominated (HUR HUR!) the decision and so black it is!

S&M suelynn hahahaha!

the dominatrix charm must have rubbed off her somehow, because this annoying cheeko OSIM guy kept stalking her everytime we walked past the large, unavoidable booth on level 1. first he pestered her to take a flyer, after that he asked whether we needed his help to take pictures. hee hee hee!

ooh i also found more great steals at the six sale today!! a hairclip for $3 and lovely gold bangle for $5. excellent indeed, good job michelle!

and since we were actually planning a tanning trip to sentosa, kaye realised she needed a bikini. well actually its not something that holey moley kaye realised on her own; more like suelynn and i realised that she needed one, and decided to recommend the idea to her.

surprisingly, she recieved the idea pretty well haha so we took the poor, innocent, young girl to sheer romance, to let her have a look at all the frighteningly little pieces of cloth that she could choose from.

WAH and kaye really went to try!! haha i remember my first time at sheer romance, i ended up buying a bandeau bikini (that is rotting somewhere now) because i didnt trust all the other flimsy-looking bikinis.

but trying a bikini was all we could push for in one day. haha when she came out, she looked so offended and disgusted with whatever that happened in the changeroom so we decided to leave it alone for the moment haha.

well after today, we kinda decided to stay away from the shopping mall for a while to come. but you know things like that never happen with us! haha and also since the stupid weather decides to switch from dessert-hot to monsoon-thunderstorms, so can’t be helped that outdoory things like tanning and exercising are really out of the question..


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