the walk-in wardrobe

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because the skirts are pricey,

because we’d never have the guts to wear them out and flash people, who happen to be standing at a lower ground, our undies,

and because they look so damn stylish.

so a picture for the memory: that i got a chance to wear it and look damn style for 5 minutes in a topshop changing room.

well, today was another shopping day. i was only supposed to buy a mother’s day present and window shop the rest of the way. but as you can tell, things don’t always go according to plan these days.

we visited 2 different outlets of miss selfridge 3 times, once at marina square and twice at raffles city to try on the same couple of dresses. gen has a theory that if you try dresses more than once in different outlets, it will help you to make your mind better. so yes, i tried on the palm print dress 3 times.

actually after the 2nd time at marina square, i had decided to get it. but then before that, when i had changed out, i thought gen was still in the changing room next to mine because the curtains were only half opened, so i began talking into it. then the salesgirl said, ‘oh she went off already‘ while i was midway into my conversation with nobody.

embarrassed, i decided not to go there to get my dress from the marina square outlet even though i think they might’ve had a new piece.

so we walked all the way back to raffles city outlet to try on the dress again, just to be sure, and i bought it! gen’s UOB credit card gave me 15% discount so it worked out to be $81- a bomb considering how much i’ve spent in the last 5 days alone, so i’m going to make an effort to stop shopping, both online AND offline.

but the dresssss 😀

you know the feeling when you see a dress you really really like, hanging on the rack in a store, BEGGING to be owned by you? well the feeling multiplies itself by 100000 when you see the dress you really really like, hanging in your own closet.

i think its an investment when you spend a little more for a dress that’s of good quality and is something you will love for the rest of your life, even when you can’t fit it anymore.

today’s Urban interviewed helen khoo, someone who manages topshop, miss selfridge, etc. MY DREAM JOB CAN! and she said her flaw is that she buys too many clothes, to the extent that she needs a torch to find things when she walks through her wardrobe. WALKS!

maybe i can start collecting clothes now so by the age of 25 i will built my own walk-in wardrobe! 😀 i don’t understand how people can have walk-in shoe closets, actually i dont want to imagine having another obsession with shoes because i’d need 2 walk-in wardrobes then.

but a walk-in wardrobe full of clothes in different colours, and all just as gorgeous!!!
imagine that!

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