guai lan to the MAX

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have been rotting at home the past two days and shuttle back and forth between bishan and home for tuition because the kid is having exams.

sigh i also dunno why i bother saying goodbye to her, or hello, or wishing her good luck, or trying to make simple civilized conversation with her. she NEVER responds, or even bothers to look at me when i say hi or bye. i dont remember the surge of hormones at puberty making me this attitude lor.

and i realised that at the age of 13, you are capable of doing a hell lot of weird things without even realizing it. today i was so bored i watched her switch between 5 different pens just to do 2 hours worth of math. one was a tinklebell snow globe pen that lights up in a neon shade of red when you write. well guess who was having a ball pressing the pen as hard as she could onto the foolscap paper..

oh and because i havent been going out, i’ve been ONLINE SHOPPING. urgh, i’m back to sifting through all the different entries on sgflea daily just to find nice new clothes to own.

i just bought the F21 dress that was sold out when we were spreeing 2 weeks ago from a nice girl on sgflea! i decided not to risk it this time and since she was selling it at a price cheaper than what i would’ve paid in the spree, i reg mailed the dress. confirm won’t get lost! 😀

and kaye showed me this at 2am in the morning

probably one of those livejournal online shops that got so rich and decided to go dot com. wah lao their ordering and payment process is like topshop/ASOS online stores can!! their clothes are alright only, but the matt leggings caught my eye!! i’ve been looking for cheap ones online and these are, by far, the cheapest i can find and without the weird ankle zipper too!

so yes, even though i was having a migraine at 2am, i made sure i stayed up to order and pay for the leggings so that i could get it ASAP (:

this is quite bad.
now i need a real job to distract me from online shopping.


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