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weather today is absolutely killing. and i still didnt get to go sentosa, where is the justice in the world! instead, matin and i ventured all around singapore, well just central and the west, to look for new places to visit.

first up was Greenwich Fish Market. well pardon me if i get the name wrong haha i forgot to look up at the sign when we were there. anyway its this place behind NJ and RGPS, amid the very posh private estate.

well basically, even on weekdays, the place is packed for lunch. and because matin didn’t think that making a reservation was necessary, we stood outside for 15 minutes waiting for a seat. and service is pretty bad there because they don’t really give a shit about walk-in customers, until you question why you aren’t seated yet.

in the end, we got a seat in the hot stuffy outdoors. and i was in such a lousy mood that i didn’t quite enjoy the food. it is a little too pricey too. but the oysters were super large and succulent! and tuesday happened to be $1 oyster day, which probably explains why it was so crowded i guess.


just look at that mutant oyster!!!

matin had squid ink pasta, while i had the crumbed house fish and chips. portions were just nice for my small stomach. i hate it when they serve extraaaa MASSIVE portions of fish and chips. it ends up really killing the taste of the food.

someone really needs a tongue scraper hahaha


after lunch, we bused to waffle town! which is at balmoral plaza, opposite barker. haha i had the impression it was going to be this cosy posh place that sells waffles to rich elite school kids. instead, it’s this dingy and un-ventilated canteen-like restaurant that sells waffles to rich elite school kids. at least i got the latter part correct huh.

waffles are good! but the ice-cream tasted better! haha it was just normal kings ice-cream i think, but the weather made it extra delicious. and wahh, i saw this mgs girl whipping out the $900+ sony ericsson w705 to sms. when i was in sec school my phone had no colour and i was forbidden to sms!!! kids nowadays…

later, we bused down to little india because matin had a strange urge to go there. i just wanted to go somewhere that had aircon but obviously it was not gonna happen. lol but the funny thing was, we didn’t even find little india. instead, we ended up outside selegie building, because i was staring at the advert for eyebrow threading. and since it was $4, i decided to give it a try!

went up the dodgy building and into the salon on the second floor. the woman just told me to sit down, and then she immediately began threading!!! haha she didn’t even ask me what shape i want. but once she started, i was concentrating so hard on dealing with the pain that i decided to just trust her with it entirely.


when it was done, i looked in the mirror.
and in my head, i was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are my eyebrows!!!!!

but i had to remain calm and dig out my wallet to pay her for it. oh goodness me, after i went out of the shop i spent awhile trying to absorb my new eyebrows, or the lack or them, in the reflection of the metal on the escalator.

sigh, maybe if i massage it everyday, it will grow back quickly )):


k this was the ‘after’ shot, but i guess it still doesnt look so bad. it does, however, look alot stranger in person. my mummy laughed at me when i showed her )))):

well, i comforted myself by buying some lovely glittery bangles from another shop within selegie building! haha that’s all the experience of little india we had for you.


the bangles cost $10 for 12 pieces. and they have a specific size to fit your wrist, so that they won’t slip off! the entire shop was filled with bangles of all colours and patterns. spent an awful lot of time in there just choosing 12. yay new accessories!! 😀

anyhow, i’m going to go back for upper lip threading next time because its only $4! and i won’t have to worry about how much hair she’s going to rip out, because frankly, the more the better. only that its going to hurt like a bitch. haha strangely too, the place actually does bikini waxing for $8!! so cheap?!?! but no la i will never try that, i rather go through monthly period pains that waxing pain.

after ‘little india’, we decided to continue walking, basically just wander around until we find cool new places to look at. haha we managed to find the famous bean curd egg tart accidentally! but by then we were cashless so couldnt buy anything ): mental bookmaked the place though, for future visits.

we found sim lim square also, unfortunately, so matin dragged me in there for a boring half hour of looking at gadgets -_-

there was also this ice station place opposite burlington square that sells shaved ice! i wanted to eat but matin was quite reluctant, so mental bookmark that for next time then.

somehow, we were walking and walking, until we came to fu lu shou building. then omg, bugis street! hahaha so funny, we actually walked from little india to bugis, how many mrt stations is that!!

we finally landed up in Iluma, the new cineleisure of bugis area. pretty boring place although the concept and design beats alot of the other shopping centres. had a drink at coffee bean, and because i was so dead tired by then, we decided to skip dinner and go home.

oh no, now i must hide from the rest of the world until my eyebrows grow back ))):


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