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two papers in one day and both had its own brand of misfortune.

was 1 min late for soci because i underestimated the horrid jam on the PIE. plus the fact that i simply had to perform my before-exam-ritual of peeing, or i’d be very distracted by my bladder for 2 hours. luckily though, once i recovered from the panic, i managed to do okay. haha the first 5 mark answer for bureaucratic inertia was like crap though!! thank goodness no more morning exams for the rest of the week (:

i wasn’t so lucky for lsm… i simply underestimated the difficulty level of the MCQs. i realised, after the exam, that the practise MCQs given to us were from the closed-book exam a long long time ago. it was 60 MCQs for 2 hours, an open-booked exam. but well, i took 1 hour to do the first 15 questions. by 2pm i knew i was dead and gone. so i rushed through the next few questions.

by 2.45pm , i was at question 40. haha then i began to shade option B for the rest of my remaining answers. never thought i’d ever get the chance to heed the advice of my lecturer last sem, who taught us the method of shading one option for all the blanks because there is a higher probability that you’d get some correct.

sigh. still very depressed about it. there wasn’t anything i could have done better but to just hurry my ass up during the exam. oh well but its over so…

pharmacy practice tml. also gg ):
4 more dayssss!!!


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