burning up

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i am going MAD! the weather is frying my brains and rendering me rancid! haha true story, because the sun is so hot im quite sure it will burn my cellulite if i stay in the oven of a room for 10 hours.

great bloody weather for sentosa but not if i’m stuck in the bloody oven of the house trying to cram 13 weeks worth of information )):

i tried getting out of the heat yesterday by going to study at gen’s house. haha while the productivity level seemed to dip after awhile, it was still fun! well and thanks to me, she managed to achieve 3 hours of non-stop studying, some kind of feat for her apparently.

and we had pizza hut for dinner, i bought candy floss from bishan pasar malam and turned my tongue pink over criminal minds.

otherwise, i’ve been channelling my pent up frustrations towards online shopping, which has been very damaging to my bank account ):

suelynn and i had a hell of a 2 days organizing a F21 spree among friends, (excluding someone who better pay otherwise i’m going to burn his frigging clothes) and hitting the US$180 cap. i was breaking my fingers trying to msg people to have a look and see whether they wanted to buy anything. haha thank god for free unlimited sms! but wish i had blackberry for the intense typing man.

really shows that im not cut out to sell clothes online. it is extremely energy-sapping!
i’ll stick to BUYING them hee hee hee 😀

ok exams make me very boring..

just a little less than a week and i’d be FREEEEE


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