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Ben & Jerry`s Free Cone Day Pictures, Images and Photos


yes i took a break from my books and went shopping with gen!! just nice she pangseh-ed me last thurs and postponed our shopping trip to today, and JUST NICE…it was FREE CONE DAY! haha i swear i am not a pig, i dont plan my outings on the day when there is free ice-cream.

i know who were the pigs though.

gen and i queued for about half an hour for the cone. and during that time, we saw so many funny characters in the typically Singaporean queue!

1. the aunty directly behind us was still savouring her chocolate b&js ice-cream cone!!!!! and she was alone, so really, i think the moment she got her first cone, she decided to go back, queue 30 minutes to get another one. and meanwhile, yumyum! i can snack on my first cone to kill time!

2. stupid BIG GROUPS of school kids queueing repeatedly for ice-cream. wah lao dont tell me your pocket money 5 cents, only free cone day then get to eat ice-cream. so must eat until stomach bloated then next day cannot run 2.4km already isit???

i tell you ah, because of all these repeat queuers, alot of people didnt get to have a single cone! i saw a poor little boy looking so sad because he missed the cutoff for the queue at 6.50 pm ):

3. this ahbeng sexually harrassing the b&js cone girl.

one of the girls was waving a macadamia nut or dunno what shitty flavoured ice-cream in the air to the people in line, to ask who wanted one. then the ahbeng stand OUTSIDE the barricade, and ask whether he can have it. so the b&js girl said no and that he had to queue up. then the idiot got the nerve to say, ‘i give you kiss?’

then she said, ‘er no thanks’ LOL!!

4. this gross couple who were touching each other non-stop for the whole 30 mins duration of queueing. i think the only time we saw them apart was when they were busy eating their ice-cream cones.

5. sibeh hiao b&j cone girl who wore stilettos with denim mini skirt and the b&js shirt. i can barely tolerate the pain of having stilettos on for 30 seconds in Aldo, much less for 7 hours, unless maybe she was trying to get the attention of sexually harrassing ahbengs la.

anyway we finally got our ice-cream and then paraded down the entire spiralling line of queuers, licking the ice-cream like it was the best damn thing ever. haha damn guai lan right.

gen the ano was dieting to fit into a UK6 dress from miss selfridge, so i was the pig and the only one who ate dinner. after which, we embarked on our shopping trip! aiyar she bluff people one. tell me want to buy this buy that, in the end i was the only one who went home with a mother-large charles and keith paper bag with a black bag i bought. haha well in the end, i realised that you can get the same thing for 1/3 the price on a taiwan spree website la, but screw it- its nice!!




LOL i managed to use all the functions today because the raffles city toilet was so quiet. stupid spray gave me a nasty shock though haha!

ok i feel broke now. and sad that i wont get to use the bag until when my exams end ))):


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