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i was watching S factor, really out of SHEER boredom. and i tell you, i have no idea that there actually exists girls who practically have the word BIMBO plastered all over their faces!!!

ok actually, you want to be bimbo nvm. if you do stupid things and you still look damn hot doing it, men will still forgive you. wah lao but BIMBO + CANNOT SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH is too much laaaa.

how can you let these girls embarrass the quality of singaporean english on national TV???

tonight’s episode was about beauty vs brains. and except for maybe 1 or 2 smarter ones, the rest are really zomgzxzxz!!!

haha wah best: some girl, halfway through her interview to recap what happened during the challenges, described herself as ‘trembling with fear‘. then after that she burst out into a fit of giggles because she was so surprised that she actually used the phrase ‘trembling with fear’ in her sentence, and that her ‘teacher told me to memorize it! hee hee!!

and then they had a debate about whether intelligence or brains is better. can’t bloody imagine that the judges are actually professionals in the singaporean debate scene, and they can sit through the whole session of nonsense. damn nonsense la! any 16 year old can debate better than them man, seriously.

i’m so appalled that the standard of spoken english is so horrendous. k well i guess if you are hot then maybe cover the mouth in bed can already LOL

oh and sonia, the eurasian-looking one, is a MEGA BITCH!!! her english sucks also, im quite surprised about that. but she’s like the worse kind of bitch you will ever have the misfortune to encounter in your life. kind of reminds me of someone hee hee but lets not go there. anyway she said (upon elimination HA HA),

‘actually, my friend told me that if you are one of the pretty gur, then everyone will hate chu. i tink that’s true lor’

bitchiness aside, i hope kay kay wins!

wah buay tahan, you go watch and see

ok back to studying ):
i must study so that when i grow up i will be able to use more than just ‘trembling with fear’ in my vocabulary. and because brains eventually gets you more money, unless you’re okay with modelling in dodgy sex magazines.


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