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urgh what a terrible week of mugging. i just dragged myself through the insanely redundant and ridiculously thick set of ‘What do Pharmacists do?‘ notes.

WHY must we memorize HOW to be a pharmacist? practical knowledge is not meant to be mugged man, seriously. i barely remembered anything even though i was done with the notes, which scares me because i have a feeling they are going to test memory work in the exams. oh, its such a bitch.

What should Not be done during the prescription process
A. Check that you are prescribing the correct drug to the correct patient
B. Ask the patient for any drug allergies
C. Discuss alternative therapeutic regimes, if any
D. Retrieve the correct patient chart for the correct patient
E. None of the above

haha go figure.
(maybe they can pay me to set brainless questions like that for the exam)

anyhow i cant believe i sat through 3 gruelling hours of tuition today. i agreed to take on the responsibility of helping my student’s P6 brother excel for his PSLE maths this year. its a good thing the mother only trusts me enough to pay me for one hour a week, because frankly, im quite lousy at primary sch maths.

did you know??? that they pulled out model-drawing????? omg im am so backdated, and pleased for that matter, cos i have always suck at models. it was definitely the cause of my mother-disappointing (literally) 232 PSLE score.

despite that, problem sums are still as problematic as ever.
thank god for worked answers!

2 weeks to exams.
i am lagging tremendously behind my ideal study tempo ))):

i miss studying in the AC library
– mexican half cuts during study breaks..
– subway lunches at holland V
– 10 min power naps on matin’s jacket- i only drooled once but he doesnt know that LOL
– the weird librarian who comes round to check whether people are playing cards
– stupid juniors making bloody lot of noise in the stupid games corner
– melly, wearing her signature (and unwashed) tennis jacket in the opp table
– oh dear, and the time that i had a bad ankle sprain and, strangely, found the library to be the best remedy because the cold made it feel less sore.

NUS library is so un-homely. maybe its because the crowd changes everyday, so its hard to concentrate with my tendency to people-watch. and the aircon is so conducive for sleeping- everytime i go there with the intention to study, i end up taking 1 hour naps instead.

but studying at home, although the most effective, is so lonely )):
just me and my sleep-receptors-inhibiting nescafe.

ok i go play bejeweled now. haha shit everytime i start, it goes on for at least an hour and when i close my eyes, i start to see all the different formation of jewels that i can bust for bonus points. i was stoning at the bus stop today after half an hour of bejeweled at home, and i seriously hallucinated jewels on the gravel floor okay. this is very very psychotic.


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