shitting in your backyard

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since it was the second last day that i’d be going to school before the exams, i thought of wearing something different from the usual tee + shorts + eastpak outfit.

so i put on my topshop backless top, with a black spag inside of course- school is not for skanks. anyhow, it was fine because no one really said anything about it for the entire day, except suelynn who always tells me not to wear the inner spag every single time i wear that top. but we shall ignore her pervy suggestions for now and get back to the matter on hand.

the day passed and even the dreadful LSM tutorial was over. kaye, suelynn and i were exiting the building when a fellow classmate calls my name from behind.

how about we call him RMF– if you are familiar with endocrine disorders and cushings syndrome, you will know what i’m talking about.

so anyway, RMF calls my name from behind. and i dont exactly have a very buddy buddy relationship with RMF. before today’s incident, i would still classify him, generously, as my acquaintance.

RMF: ‘hey michelle. i want to ask you something. you know whatever you are wearing right? what is the exact name for it?’

i was about to magnanimously pardon his lack of fashion knowledge and provide him with an enlightening answer, but then he simply cut me off, with an answer that implied that he wasn’t really interested in listening to what i was going to say in the first place,

RMF: ‘because right…to put it bluntly…it looks like an apron. so i was just wondering, what is the specific name of a…a…costume like that?’

omg my brain cells practically froze from the impact of being knifed right through my double layer outfit. i cannot possibly imagine any other circumstance that permits anyone to say such disgustingly crude things to a mere acquaintance, or even a friend for that matter. ok wait, let me show you what the top looks like, cos i’d fail at explaining:


looks bloody decent right??? where got apron?! you go to page 3285710275 of google image search results for ‘apron’ also cannot find anything that looks like that okay!

i couldnt even react violently to his ‘blunt’ but fucking sharp words. instead, i scowled and replied, ‘cosTUME? no. its a normal top what’

suelynn and kaye helped me with a ‘ya, its quite normal what’.

i added finally, ‘its from TOPSHOP lorrr’
i paid $60 for this thing and you tell me its a bloody apron????? Jasmine whatever-her-surname-was wore it on one of the episodes of fricking Singapore Idol 2 OKAY.


RMF had the cheek to dismiss his ‘curious’ question as ‘FMI. For-My-Information only‘. and you can tell that hes a retard because he forgot what FYI stood for and decided to coin his own stupid acronym instead.

well RMF, ‘go SYB Suck-Your-Balls

i have honestly never met anyone as smart-alec, or as insufferable as RMF. dont tell me that i havent tried being nice to him. this is not the first time he has stuffed his wart-ridden, rot-smelling foot into his mouth. the first time, he called us bimbos and elitist but i decided to let it pass even though i was mother-pissed over it for awhile.

you dont even bother to talk to us, and then you decide we are bimbos. but when you talk to us, you come and tell me i pick out my clothes from the ‘Kitchen’ section of Cold Storage?????

theses are just 2 of the things that i can say for now. RMF has had alot of history of shitting in his own backyard. thank god its just one more LSM tutorial next week and i’m done with school this semester.

i do, however, have another similar backless top in blue that i got within the same period of time from topshop. haha i feel like wearing it next wed to piss him off but well, i’m really not the sort who, to put it bluntly, wears the same old (school) shirts every other day in the same pattern until they become faded and rag-like.

well forgive me for my crudeness, but is there a specific name for it?


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