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happy april fools!

lol i brought my fake lizard to school on cassy’s suggestion.

the first victim on the list was dear suelynn! the initial plan was supposed to take place over lunch: when suelynn returned with her plate of food, she’d find a lizard on the chair and she’ll get a great big shock.

the problem with that plan was the possibility of her throwing up her plate of food in shock as well. and its likely that gravity, and karma, would land the plate of grilled chicken chop onto our heads.

so in the end i opted for a milder option of waiting for her to finish her food, then sliding the lizard in between the pages of my notebook and passing it to her to look at the bookmarked page. she turned to the page, dropped the book suddenly, and screamed! hahah luckily it was in the canteen so her reaction was quite muffled. but it was hilarious all the same – sent cassy and i into hysterical fits.

next up was kaye. heh heh we met her at uni hall for the compulsory pharmacy practice talk. and there was a reception outside before that. so i kindly, and schemingly, got jelly for everyone and nicely hid the lizard between two stacked jelly cups. then i placed both of them on kaye’s plate, and lifted up the first one so she could have the bottom one.

bleh her reaction was so mild!! she just widened her eyes and backed away a little, before registering it was fake and then proceeded to shoot me a glare. hahaha failllll!

seconds after that happened, ben arrived and joined our little group. and you know boys’ reactions to fake lizards are seriously the best to test.

i schemed a little idea in my head while we were in the auditorium, waiting for the talk to start. he was seated 2 persons away from me. so i tore out a page from my notebook, and folded it with the lizard inside. on the front, i wrote: ‘Ben: $20’

and wah lao, if got money, people will surely open without thinking one right?

hahahaha and that was what happened when ben received it. he didnt even bother to consider why money felt lumpy while folded in a piece of paper. instead, he opened the flap and the next moment, we saw him make a pained facial expression and flung the lizard off his hands onto the floor.

lol!!! everyone burst out laughing. who knew that manly ben was afraid of lizards? hahah the sore loser turned to us and whined, ‘wah lao you think very funny isit? you all are damn childish lorrrr.’ which made it all the more hilarious! LOL

bravest person of the day was shannon. cassy placed the lizard in her laptop and passed it to him. he simply opened it, took one look at the lizard, and returned it back to her without any reaction.

ahhh what a fruitful april fools day! 😀


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