a night to remember

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aww i’m so sad that comms ball is over ):

it felt like a second prom, except that i really regret not doing up my hair. in the end i couldnt even be bothered to bun it up cos gen said i’d look like a waitress and i dont wanna look like a waitress! haha i was quite surprised, when i got there, to see all the dates most elaborately dressed. most of them had their hair done or, in some cases, OVERdone – like with more hair glitter than ge tai dancers, or bee hive amy winehouse hairdos, or short permed auntie hair, oh okay maybe i am just jealous.

oh yea and there were short dresses, long dresses, bridesmaid dresses, overwhelming number of daniel yam dresses (i’m thankful i didn’t wear mine because i saw someone wearing the longer version of it), slutty dresses (backless, cleavage plunging, or basically things you’d wear with nippies, or not at all, if they were thinking of being grateful for their dates for sponsoring the $350 dinner) and some other strange outfits- one borderlined on the theme of cosplay while another wore leggings and some stripey top that looks comfortable enough for pjs.

i wore my topshop cny dress of course. i was suffocating by the end of the night because i realised that there were some plastic strips in the dress to simulate the corset effect. great in pictures, but not great for comfort.

also, i saw so many people i recognised! and whom also recognised me haha. the last person i’d expected to see was yuxi! so when i saw her sitting at the next table, i got a shock. she was nearly unrecognisable in her elaborate hairdo and very hot short dress. luckily her characteristic gentleness allowed me to confirm her identity.

wahh and her date gave her a big big big bouquet of teddy bears and roses! matin wanted to give me the rose in the free goodie bag but it was dying and had lots of thorns. ):




our table of 10 was pretty disjointed. only a couple of people talked to a couple of people. the rest just focused on entertaining their dates. i spent the boring, and mostly uncomfortable silence, watching this other couple at the table. well most of all, because the girl was really effortlessly pretty. she had minimal make-up on; maybe like gloss and some eyeshadow, her dress was plain but she still looked good in it and her hair was un-made-up.

the strange thing about the whole situation was, i’d never seen anyone actually worship a boyfriend before. seriously! she’d be laughing at every damn thing the guy said, even though it wasn’t funny, or staring into his eyes with that entranced look on her face, occassionally rubbing his thigh (ok maybe i wasn’t meant to catch that)…and with that kind of worship, you’d expect the guy to be god-like. but he’s really not! eww gave me a serious goosebumps breakout.

a few forced conversations later, i gave up trying to be friendly. i focused on finishing my food instead. honestly, i think ritz really scammed all these officers of their money because the food really sucked.



best dish was the clam chowder and maybe the panna cotta. but drinking the stupid potent tea after that was a big mistake because it kept me up all night. like even at 7am i was still trying very hard to fall asleep.

haha this other guy at our table, hakim, was complaining about every single dish that landed in front of him. he’d take one look at it, gesture wildly at matin, and say, ‘you mean this costs three hundred and fifty dollars?’

everything except the panna cotta, which he silently wiped out within the next 5 minutes hahah.

the rest of the dinner dragged on slowly. we were entertained by the SAF music and dance company or dunno what. they tried to cover the pussycat dolls with their chair dancing, and god knows what other songs they murdered. at least it helped to hide away the awkward silence that im sure was present at most of the other tables as well.

and then, there came the games section. the mc, shane (from eye for a guy 2), read off a list of guys who were saboed to go onstage with their dates. and surprise surprise, but matin’s name was on that list. he tried acting blur to save our asses but the people around started making a din to get him onstage.

so i went up, preparing myself for the worst that is to come. but seriously, what could’ve been worse than being made to catwalk and sell myself as miss ijtp in front of everyone at sec 4 grad night right?

LUCKILY, they decided to play a mild game of don’t forget the lyrics. haha i was deeply relieved that we didn’t have to do all sorts of weird kinky games designed to embarrass people; you know, like eat a banana off someone’s body part or something, oh gross.

anyhow, they divided the 6 couples into 2- Bravo wing vs Echo wing. the first song they played was If I Were A Boy by Beyonce. when the music stopped, i realised i knew the lyrics. so i told them to matin and tried to push him towards the mike. silly boy didn’t budge. instead he kept telling me to go up myself since i’d thought of it ): in the end the mc saw us trying to nudge each other forward that he called me up )))):

haha yes anyhow i wobbled in front to the mike and stammered my answer. i could almost peep into the mc’s clipboard, which had the entire song lyrics there hahah, but i couldnt catch any of that in time. anyhow after what seemed like forever, he said i had gotten it correct and it was Echo 1, Bravo 0.

the next two songs were David Cook’s Always Be My Baby and Tattoo by Jordin Sparks. both were snatched up by two couples from Bravo. not say i want to say la- but the girl got the lyrics for Tattoo wrong, although the mc kindly overlooked that and gave it to her without hesitation. or maybe he dyslexic and read the wrong line from his clipboard.
so Echo 1 Bravo 2

i was so sad i thought since we didn’t win, we’d gone up for nothing. but some guy walked over and handed us a prize. HEE HEE $28 GV top-up card! that only adds up to 2 movies if you use it on bookout weekends, but still worth the effort of being embarrassed! 😀


lol hakim sneakily helped us take this with my camera while we were gone from the table. i didnt even realise the picture was there until the end of the night.

the rest of the night was much much simpler. all i had to do was follow matin around, appear in his pictures and help him take photos of him and his friends. i was very nice k, i even offered to help people take photos, of matin and them, with their cameras even though they never ask me.

a bunch of familiar faces!

hee hee zhong khoo and michelle!

while i was walking to the toilet, i went past the photostudio booth that they had set up outside. and i spotted zhong pulling off some very sweet and aww-romantic poses hee hee!! its seriously the last thing i’d catch zhong khoo doing.


sarah lah and pretpal


weixiang and sarah

amanda and charles


with perry and amanda

yes i know this picture is very ironic

alana and alvin

haha she gets the top award for the most shocked-to-see-me expression of the night


some things i learn about photo-taking with strangers:

the photo will definitely show whether or not they are strangers, because there is no body contact between people standing next to each other.

its definitely out of the question to maintain body contact with another boy. but if i am standing next to a girl, and she decides to make that body contact by putting her arm around me. even though its just for a picture, it really shows whether or not she is friendly. and i’d reciprocate the gesture course.

actually i kind of learnt to take the initiative from this girl whom we took a photo with. she’s super friendly and she even asked me if it was scary to be on stage while we were taking the photos.

unfortunately, as you will see in many of my other photos. most people aren’t that friendly. so in a couple of pictures, i’d be the only one maintaining the body contact, while the girl shrinks away into the arms of her date. but in subsequent photos taken with different cameras, i’d put my hand down. haha so i suppose it just sucks when the picture that was taken using my camera shows up as the first picture where my lesbo-like advances were un-reciprocated.

oh and i’m really bad with names. i tend to forget it the moment matin introduces them to me. i can’t even remember half the people that i took photos with lol. but i made the effort to borrow suelynn’s OPI to pimp up my nails and make them look presentable when i shake hands.

well overall the night was fantastic. oh yes, ritz carlton’s white wine is bloody awesome, even though they were purposely slow in the refills. it is a damn potent diuretic though; it kept me going to the loo all night long, but leaving me dehydrated as well ):

so although there was the onstage embarrassment, and the regret of not doing up my hair and take the professional photo that was FOC, i really had fun!! wish there was some guards commissioning ball also, or ORD commissioning ball. haha looks like i’ll have to wait for pharmacy d&d maybe 4 years later, or somebody’s shotgun wedding, to get to wear a nice dress again :/


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