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comms parade wasn’t as bad as i had imagined it to be. haha partly because we got to sit at the grandstand la. so no backache from the dreary 4 hours of the parade. there was, however, this man in front of me who sat on his chair like it was an OSIM recoil massage sofa. my knees were being tickled by the creases of his shirt, so annoying! i was quite scared that the plastic chair would break and he’d crush my toes.

well also, it was a good thing that matin was one of i forgot the term for it. anw in layman terms, the guy who leads the individual group of people in the march la. not the one who shouts though, that would’ve been insanely hilarious to watch. so anw it was easy to spot him!

unfortunately, we were seated on the wrong side of the grandstand. so couldnt really take nice close-ups because he was all the way on the other end of the parade square- a case of misinterpretation of the word ‘West’.



LOL he’s looking at me when i zoom in!

haha the stiffness of the whole routine is almost comical. after the parade, when matin went to review the photos. he kept commented on how ‘this is straight‘, ‘oh no this is crooked‘. like seriously, doesnt make any difference to me!

finally, they called for everyone to go down to the parade square to pin on the new rank for them. wah lao i tell you. singaporeans are DAMN KIASU. basket, go down and pin rank for their son also must be first! there were people RUNNING across the parade square to reach for their sons. wah pianggg

poor matin was the last to receive us, because we were walking a long long way across the parade square hahah. anw the whole crowd of boys who had been sweating in the thick uniform for the past 4 hours generally didnt smell very pleasant.




it honestly felt like taking a picture with an exhibit from madam tussauds lol.


they had to make like 5 or 6 annoucements before everyone came back. dunno why they trying to finish an entire roll of film on the same boy in white smelly uniform.

oh well. after we went back, and they yelled some incoherent officer’s oath. haha it was really funny cos you can’t hear what they are shouting unless its the last word of a sentence, cos they tend to shout it extra loud. so its like:


lol ok ocs boys are going to feel very offended now

afterwhich, everyone threw up their hats. and YAY ord lo!

omg some airforce girl threw up her hat too early!! well you see they were actually suppose to take it off in one swift motion first. but i think her fingers slipped and it went flying in the air- at least a metre high! poor girl had to scramble to pick it up before the final command went off.

anw then they let everyone back on the parade square. it was mayhem man. all the boys were going crazy and camwhoring with each other. matin took a couple of photos with us before running off to camwhore with his friends.


ew i look gross


sucky thing about comms parade was that we couldnt dine with matin. the dining hall was only reserved for parents and officers. but luckily i had his sister for company, and we entertained each other over the sucky buffet food that supposedly cost $10. wah lao even the disgusting science canteen food taste better, and for a fraction of the price as well!

ok 1 week more to comms ball! can’t wait!


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