i’ve got troubled thoughts, and a self esteem to match

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a bunch of fasio promoters accosted cassy and i at science forum, after lsm lecture, to persuade us to join in the mascara-eyelash makeover organised by seventeen mag and fasio.

cassy’s eyes lit up at the sound of ‘free goodie bag‘. and somehow, i found myself being swayed by the 3 fasio girls who came over and practically begged us to let them put stuff on our eyelashes. but i agreed on the condition that they’d help me remove it because i didn’t want to look retarded going for pharm prac test with mascara.

the booth was pretty sad, because they picked the wrong faculty to conduct their record-breaking attempt at. yea, they were trying to get as many people as possible so that they can break the record of the most number of people getting an eyelash makeover. like seriously, you mean there’s actually a record for this kind of thing? well someone really should have suggested to them to move over to arts, hiao girls would totally be queuing up for the free makeover man!

anyhow they had a very scary photographer who kept blinding me with her bright camera flashes in the most unexpected moments. she even made me pose with the bloody goodie bag. urgh my hair really looked shitty today, please dont let me appear on seventeen mag. or if i do, i hope the picture is really really small and nobody would be able to see my shitty hair and oily face.

well after another fasio girl put the mascara on my stumpy eyelashes, they made me take a photo, holding up a card that has my name written on it. haha embarrassment to the max! well apparently they need it for records. shitty hair shitty hair…

when i returned to the makeup booth to get the mascara off, i realised that i had been blinking off the camera flash so much that my lower eyelids had actually become smudged ))))):


now i have shitty hair, and shitty mascara make-over!

sigh. the goodie bag wasn’t much of a consolation. they gave us free hair dye, fasio facial cleanser and make up remover. oh and some $5 voucher with $15 min spending -_-

anyhow i’m glad that pharm prac test is over! lol it was very funny because while i was making the paste, and pouring the thick white thing from the mortar to the conical measure, the stupid paste fell so hard that it splashed upwards again. omg the white glob jumped so high that it missed my fringe by about an inch.

hahaha that would really have taken the award for shitty hair then.

well but i found it very annoying that people dont have integrity to respect the proper conduct of a test, simply for the sake of wanting to do well. then won’t it be unfair for the rest of us who diligently ensure that we dont cheat, yet hope to do well all the same?

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