all my troubles seem so far away

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HEE HEE would you believe it, but sharp aqueous, my new best friend, is also my new room mate!!

i barely watch any tv now, with my never-ending school work ): but sharp aqueous is going to get me hooked! i never even knew that america’s next top model was running its 11th cycle or whatever double digit cycle it is, omg. but yay anyhow!

i was in the central library with gen today, and we happened to be stoning at the same couple sitting in the row opposite us. the girl was sleeping, facing her boyfriend. and then all of a sudden, the boyfriend leans over, kisses her on the face (no idea where cos we couldnt see), and gently rubs her back to wake her up.

gen and i looked at each other, eyes wide opened with shock.

ok i can’t multitask, sharp aqueous is calling me!


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