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omg never am i going to an IT fair on its last day ever again

i waited half an hour for the stupid suntec shuttle that never showed up. and when i decided to turn back and walk via citylink, it only took me 15 minutes -_-

over in suntec convention hall lobby, the crowd was so so bad. i exerted so much energy trying to squeeze through the masses of bodies just to travel a metre’s distance, that my legs were cramping by the end of it all. it got so crowded that they started to regulate people going up the escalators. and imagine being stuck in the stuffy crowd below the escalator that much longer. nearly suffocated!

anyway this time around, IT fair was very fruitful because my dad bought a whole desktop set from Acer, and a 32 inch sharp aqueous tv- AWESOME! now i don’t have to feel envious everytime i visit gen’s house and her sexy flat screen samsung.

i also bought a razer mouse. well i wasn’t looking to buy a mouse, much less a gaming mouse, because I definitely dont game. but matin wanted to buy a stupid cloth mousepad that costs 28 frigging dollars on its own, but $49 together in package with the mouse. so he psychoed me into thinking that i could do with a new mouse. and that is how i have a razer mouse now.

but i guess the razer mouse is really as good as what they say. i like the pink one though, but its bloody $89. who the hell pays $89 for a mouse? unless you earn alot more at the WCG itself.

and since my dad bought an entire set of HP ink cartridges, we got 40 sheets of A4 glossy photo paper free! haha and i’ve been having a gala time using up the expired ink cartriges to print old photos. now i have blown up copies of favourite photos that i can decorate my wall with!

boo back to school again.
i’m so much more boring on school days ):

can’t believe i’m reading up on Singapore Guards on wikipedia, because dear matin does not want to tell me what they do.

‘As a nice landing area may not always be available, the Guards have to master many kinds of rappelling from cliffs and buildings. In one method, they come down a cliff head-downwards. In case they are wounded in a leg and cannot use their legs to brace themselves against the cliff face, they also learn to come down with their backs facing the cliff, and also in a stretcher. Another dangerous method, but at times necessary for a fast and decisive strike, would be “running” down a cliff. This method is known as the “Australian rappel” ‘

lol sounds like i’ll be trading matin for james bond soon! 😀
hope that comes with a brit accent to match


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