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hahaha what a strange coincidence, but the 4 of us (kaye, suelynn, cassy and myself) came to school wearing identical purple-red-pink colour combination today.

anyone walking past us would have imagined that we had branded ourselves with some tacky group identity, and decided to colour code our clothes for every day of the week.
or in other words: BIMBO

but i swear it was unintentional. haha the moment kaye pointed it out, cassy and suelynn took one look at each other, and started arguing about who should get to keep the (exact same maroon mango-sale sweater) that they had on.

well i was almost gonna wear my white top hahaha. but my wardrobe tends to have a disproportionately greater number of pink-red-purple clothes. so it was inevitable that today would’ve happened.

reproductive system lecture during physio was very disturbing today. see, the lecturer was flashing this ppt slide of the T curve. that is, the changes of Testosterone concentration in a normal male’s lifetime. so basically this curve has 3 peaks, 2 between the ages of 0 to 1, and the major one starting at the age of 20 years.

the moment the lecturer said the part about the highest T conc peaking at 20 years, a distinctly male voice in the row behind exclaimed ‘Yes!’

then the lecturer moved on to say that the reproductive life of a male will not cease until old age (voice whispers excitedly, “Yes!”), whereas females’ reproductive life ends after menopause (voice mocks, “Too BAD!”)

now its very disturbing, because the only reason why he could be excited enough to proclaim it loudly for us to hear (well i’m sure maybe some other guys are pretty delighted about this useful science fact, but at least they’re discreet about it), is that his life’s sole ambition is to impregnate as many women as he can in his lifetime, and propagate his line of offspring, for fear of extinction. well good news for him! because the peak of his reproductive fertility has just started!

now, if only dinosaurs and dodo birds had shared the same level of excitement as he does.

yes. comms ball is in 2 weeks time. and i’ve decided not to waste $30 having my hair done at Hollywood Secrets, because there’s really no point wasting it on a night where the attention is focused on a bunch of boys wearing the same white uniform. instead, i’ve been watching d.i.y tutorial videos on youtube and trying to learn all these tricks to style hair. but all those people in the videos already have much nicer and thicker hair than mine, so when i copy them, my hair ends up looking like a bald chicken )):

oh. i returned to sleep after taking panadol for a splitting migraine at 4am this morning, and had a really weird dream. they’re the kind of weird but pleasant dreams that bring back memories of people from the past.

well it was weird, mainly because of the people, who i wouldn’t imagine ever meeting or being friends with again for the rest of my life. but pleasant, because i found this lovely high couture dress from my cupboard and put it on. it was poufy and had a wild shade of yellow, but the cutting was perfect.

i was just smoothing out the creases on my poufy skirt when the bloody alarm for 6.15am rang.

twilight dvd pre-orders have started!!!
omg i’m definitely going to get myself some edward cullen 😀


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