grr grr grumpy

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i’ve been such a grump this week. and its not pms.

haha signs of very premature menopause behaviour. and all that angst is so irrational, i now understand why my mother goes mad for no reason.

so haha if i have been criticizing you excessively this week,
i’m terrible sorry!

singapore society tutorial this week was embarrassing though. stupid chair i sat on had a loosely screwed-on table that slides back down the moment gentle pressure is applied to it. because of that, all my things went crashing down to the floor, in the middle of group discussions, TWICE.

first time, it was because i was trying to shift my chair to let someone through into the circle. so maybe my gesture of consideration would mask the embarrassing clumsiness.

but then a mere half hour later, i dropped my correction fluid pen on the floor. while bending to pick it up, CRASH! went the bloody table. ending up making a damn scene, interrupting the tutor while he was in the midst of explaining something. and if that wasn’t bad enough, he had to say, (in a highly mocking tone) mimicking the voiceover on American’s Funniest’s Videos,
‘World’s Most Embarrassing Moments…’

well and apparently my embarrassing scene had triggered the memory of someone in the back row, who turned to his friend and said, ‘hey, do you know that just for laughs is coming to Singapore?’

very funny isit?

from now on, i’m making a mental note, or more like branding, to myself not to be the slightest bit amused by anybody who falls victim to a stupid loosely-screwed on table.

yes i also think i’m grumpy because i didn’t get to go for jason mraz’s concert on thursday, nor will i be going for the red jumpsuit apparatus on tuesday. that’s a total of 3 bloody concerts i wished i could go but never went for this year, the first one being fall out boy.

grr and also because i had a majestic plan for the belated birthday celebration tomorrow. but its kind of ruined now…

grr grr grumpy. that’s what i am.

hahah a very funny thing happened at lab on wednesday though. kaye was going kee siao and giggling over nonsensical things because she couldn’t wait for jason mraz’s concert the next day. and i was asking her if she was the one who was very shocked when i told her that christina was actually 2 years older. so i happened to ask her, ‘was it you?’

and then speaking those 3 words did a funny thing of clicking with a corner of my brain that stores jason mraz’s song lyrics, and then 1 second later, i started to sing
“was it you, who spoke the words that…”

HAHA kaye and i went hysterical.


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