let me see you two step

alas! i finally managed to organize a class outing in which i wasnt the only girl who turned up.

today’s number wasn’t one of the best, but at least vivian and charissa managed to make it this time! so we got a chance to catch up with each other. boo.. making me miss ac and the void deck company a whole lot more.

luckily joel booked early and we managed to get seats at timbre. so we were hogging the table from 730 to about 1030. towards the end, we were just waiting for the band to start playing. but they took such a bloody long time to test the equipment and have their pre-gig smoke, that we left shortly after 1030. and the moment we stepped out, they started playing. baskettt.

cassy and i shared the buffalo chicken pizza! it was so yummy i gobbled down the whole thing without having to ask for help from any of the guys to finish. happy hour also prompted me to get a sex on the beach- i wanted to try it after i watched kenny’ sipping at it delightfully the last time at Harry’s for renard’s birthday.

well it sucked. tasted more like fruit juice than alcohol. fruit juice that severly inhibited my ADH secretion (sorry, physio leakage again) so i was bloody thirsty and had a pressing urge to pee after that. and timbre is smart that way because they only serve you one round of ice water, and their toilets are absolutely disgusting. so while they encourage you to buy beverages from their bar, they keep you from staying too long because you wouldnt want to keep visiting the horrid claustrophobic unisex loo.

oh speaking of the unisex loo. absolutely disgusting!!! i dunno why guys dont know how to use the toilet properly. and they leave it smelling like shit! literally..


i like timbre for the food and the awesome music. but then again i hate it that they are always trying to chase you out the moment you finish your food.

i know its impolite to hog tables, but restaurants let people do it all the time. those angmohs just order wine and sit there for ages and ages. at timbre, the plates and glasses are cleared within 5 minutes of you finishing them. one time, charissa’s glass still had abit of water in it. and the waitress insisted that she had to clear it. wtf la i think that is just rude. then they keep shoving the menu in your face, asking you to order things. and when they give up, they shove you the bill and insist that you have to pay it on the spot, or leave behind an identification card on ‘company policy’. so does timbre’s ‘company policy’ imply that if you sit too long at a table without ordering drinks/food, you are more likely to sneak off without paying the bill?

wont be going back any time soon i expect..


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