to judge, or to understand?

my nails are in a pretty purple shade of OPI nail polish now!

haha my eyes lit up when i saw the little OPI booth in the middle of a crowded central forum. suelynn and i rushed there like deprived idiots to check it out. they were selling OPI for $15 for a bottle, and 3 for $40- which works out to be $13+ if you manage to find 2 other friends, or are rich enough to splurge that much on nail polish at one go.

so we called kaye, the other OPI fanatic, and got a bottle each! (:

well of course it didnt turn out to be as smooth and evenly painted as when the manicurists do it, but its OPI! so who cares! heh heh can’t stop admiring my nails now.

other than that, today was a relatively bad day.

at about 2 plus in the afternoon, while we were at vivo buying tickets to watch He’s Just Not That Into You, then i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my tummy. and everything i had at lunch just felt like making its way back up into my esophagus, leaving a burning sensation in my chest because of the acidic chyme regurgitation.

har dee har i have studied my GIT very diligently indeed.

anyhow i wanted to puke but i was embarrassed to let anyone in public ear my bulimic-sounding retching in the toilet cubicles. so i kept the damn burning acid in, and felt bloody nauseous for the next 3 hours.

i watched half of the movie in serious pains. i think i might have been overworking my upper esophagal sphincter alot today, holding all that shit in. i was so frustrated with agony that i got extra annoyed whenever skank Scarlet Johansen and her mountain-sized boobs came into the widescreen. luckily the pain decreased significantly towards the end.

i still feel abit of my horfun dinner up my throat, but at least the pain has pretty much subsided. urgh. what a day ): though it must be a good thing that i didn’t explode and vomit all over the floor like i did at wisma in sec 4 last time.

anyhow, He’s Just Not That Into You is a typical chick flick movie, bittersweet, and one very strange sex scene. haha boys, it involes Scarlet Johanson and her massive jugs, so maybe that might be an incentive for you to watch it. it also has many many characters and storylines that end up being all connected in different ways. the male characters are cute, female characters seem to be old/fat/ugly/scarlett johanson. yes, i put her in a whole negative comment box of her own.



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