running out of things to do in stifling little singapore, we decided to try out prawning today!!

it was a pretty long journey to yio chu kang, some place called bottle tree park. its a lovely little spot in the middle of nowhere, with a huge lake that is so abandoned despite all the swan motor boats parked at the sides. there are quite alot of stuff to do there apparently: they have paintball, bumper cars, rock climbing, abseiling, and the likes.

as for the fishing part of the park, theres basically Long Kang Fishing and Prawning.

longkang fishing is for kampung-deprived kids (and only kids, sadly) who dip their dirty feet and hands into a shallow pond, to catch little guppies to bring home. it costs $10 and it gives you a little tank and a net. very cool right! i wish i got to have a go at it too.

but parent’s supervision is absolutely vital! kids are so ROUGH!! they swipe their nets all over the place so violently that i think that more guppies die of concussion and being stampeded on rather than by being caught.

and after filling up the tank with numerous fishies, they scoop some of them out onto their hands, just to watch the poor fish wiggle and squirm about, and then they drop them back into the water again. fishes are not hamsters, do you honestly expect them to start growing out legs and lungs when they’re on your palms?

stampeding kids

on the other side of the fishing area, was the prawn pond. we observed these 2 old men who were bloody catching prawns like nobody’s business. his special technique was in the bait that he used. i saw him emptying out a container full of soil and earthworms. and then on the spot, he starts cutting the live worm into bits and pieces (wtf), and ta-dah that’s his magical bait!

kept the prawns coming like crazy, i tell you.


when we felt inspired enough to give prawning a go, we rented a rod ($14.50 for 1 hour), took the normal raw chicken bait and picked a prime spot at the pond.


and we waited, and waited, and kept trying to lift up the rod to see if there was any tension. it got super sian and disappointing when suddenly, matin started tugging at his rod. and then out of the water came our very first catch! bloody puny prawn which was obviously hungry for our lousy chicken bait. it didnt even manage to eat any of it before getting hooked.

then it was my turn to have a go! 5 minutes later, stupid prawn number 2 started tugging at my rod. haha also very puny ): but still! worth the glory!!


our spirits lifted as we went in the search for more prawn!

HAHA oh YA! there was this bunch of nOoB boys- like 5 of them sharing one rod. and they didn’t even catch a single one in 2 hours until the time we came. they probably caught 2 in total i think. and when they caught one, they wouldnt know what to do with it. so like the 5 of them would watch the prawn crawling on the floor, ordering each other to do something, until one plucks up the courage to get the hook out of the prawn’s mouth.

then the best thing happened to them:
halfway through waiting for their next catch, somebody realised that their basket of prawns had disappeared. then they all thought that one of their friends took it to wash. but when that friend came back empty handed, they began to suspect that maybe their basket with the 2 caught prawns had sunk to the bottom of the pond LOL!!!

and then and then!!! they started discussing what to do next. so first they spent 5 minutes using the fishing rod to poke around, and then somebody suggested that they used their hands instead. but nobody dared to, for fear of being bait to the hungry piranha-like prawns. so the person who had suggested it in the first place had to get down on all fours and dip his arm into the pond to dig around.

finally the uncle came to rescue them with a pole, and also managed to retrieve their 2 caught prawns that were still in the basket. dang, poor prawns didn’t manage to cheat death.



yes as you can probably guess, it didn’t quite work out. stupid delicious worm bait kept the prawns on the other side of the pond so we yielded none for the rest of the hour.

still! we had fun. and we got 3 more prawns courtesy of some uncle who probably thought we were damn pathetic. haha that works out to be $3 per prawn. wah lao $3 can buy prawn noodles at long house and inside got like 3 prawns already.

lol while washing our baskets, we spotted the bunch of nOoBs filling out their plastic bag worth of prawns with water. and because the smart half-dead prawns kept piercing at the bags, it was leaking. so somebody brought a second plastic bag to protect it. when they walked away, they were still discussing whether or not to fit a third plastic bag over the second. LOL


ahh one last week of school and a stupid physio test on thurs before i get my long-awaited break!


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