i somehow find, you and i collide

yay matin loved project fireworks!

it is actually a scrapbook i made, documenting about 1.5 years worth of memories, or at least those that are still in my camera and can be printed. dang, i forgot to take pictures of all the pages so i cant show you. i only managed to take these because i wanted to show melinda haha:



matin’s present was a lovely pair of earrings from goldheart! the moment he pulled out the white box with a purple ribbon on it, i felt immensely relieved that i bought the crumpler instead of a nike shirt. haha otherwise i would feel so bad!

anyhow, it was breathtakingly beautiful. okay i suppose i am exaggerating because you can only say that about a 15 carat diamond ring. but i really really love it!! my very first jewelry that i have to guard for life when i wear it!



he even managed to squeeze in time to make a lovely card too- almost as nice as my scrapbook haha! it has 12 flaps, in different coloured papers, and each flap opens up to an event that occurred each month. so like flap number 12 opens up to something we did together 12 months ago, with teensy little pictures to go with it!

the worst thing about valentines day is that town is simply jam-packed with couples. i don’t know why on normal weekends, i don’t see that many couples around. maybe its because today they’re ALL carrying roses in different shades and quantities, stupid bear bouquets, or simply knocking everyone’s heads with their helium balloons. kind of hard not to rub it into your face eh.

yes, i am bitter despite telling matin specifically that i didn’t want any flowers because i imagined it would be highly embarrassing to carry them around the entire day. instead i kept oggling at everyone else’s flowers and stupid bear bouquets (okay maybe not those) with green envy.

we managed to escape the clutches of commercialism this year by having dinner at a completely uncommercialised, and unfortunately also unromantic, place: Carl’s Jr.
btw, dont eat the teriyaki burger. its basically just a famous star with teriyaki sauce eurgh.

and so the cheesy-ness of feb 14 ends,
with a big big smile on my face (:
(and a big big hole in my pocket)


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