mad as rabbits

it was a mad rush today, to finalize the details of Project Fireworks.

i sacrificed 5 hours of my study time, and met gen for an entire afternoon of last minute shopping. the worst thing was, my plan A was sold out in nike stores everywhere!!! it was a purple polo tee with a very nice collar, and it looked like a fred perry piece. sigh, i should have just been decisive and gotten it when i saw it at vivo 2 weeks ago.

well unfortunately now, i had to think of another alternative, a real bitch to do when i was already so worried and panicky.

i ended up with a pricier option- one that was suppose to only come into the picture when i was getting his birthday present. but since march 3 is so close to valentines day, i stuck with the option instead. so now my plan B is a valentines day present + half of his birthday present.

and since he probably doesnt come here very often, or at least not within the next 24 hours (i hope), i shall disclose that plan B turned out to be a crumpler.

poor expanding hole in my wallet.

its a nice crumpler nonetheless! i hope he likes it, because i do! and cos if he doesn’t, i’ll seriously pull a chris brown on him. ha ha jokingg..

speaking of chris brown, he’s really quite dense. he’s not exactly as hot as usher, or as rich as jay-Z, or as handsome as tyrese. his voice is whiny and he can’t pronouce words (withi-u, withi-u, withi-uuuuu) properly in his songs. so why the hell did he sabotage his only chance of luck in life, by beating up his hot chio gf, rihanna???

and seriously, it was because rihanna accidentally read paris hilton’s sms to him for a booty call. hahahaha biggest joke ever!

anyway back to Project Fireworks planning, i was in my room wrapping up the presents, when i heard some shouting from downstairs. i ran out, got my glasses, and went to peek out through the window:

there was a teenage couple standing at the carpark downstairs. they seemed pretty well-dressed, like just returning home from a date. kaypoh me also noticed that the girl was sobbing while uttering something inaudible to her boyfriend. boyfriend had his hands in his pockets, and was standing a metre away from the girl.

and all of a sudden, boyfriend yelled,

“(i order 100 roses from far east flora for you tml and spent $498790125 already,)


(haha sorry i have to imagine part of the conversation because i couldn’t hear most of it until he got really pissed, and loud.)

girlfriend was speechless for a while, or maybe argued back too softly for me to hear. then she said something back, which angered boyfriend alot further, so i managed to hear,

“(what? its bloody valentines day tml, slut)


you know i actually tried looking around for camera crew, because the scene was extremely dramatic! but of course i couldnt find any. anyway, the show ended when both of them softened and decided to go sit down at the void deck to make peace, or yell somemore haha.

moral of the story: don’t get into an ugly break-up at the HDB void deck in the middle of the night. its really really quiet. and seriously, everyone can hear you.

happy valentines day!!


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