sacrifice for the big one

oh my i have been overwhelmed with school work, to the point that i think its screwing with my mind.

first of all, i’ve been seriously quite dyslexic in the last week.

1. last friday i was waiting at the NUS bus stop for 95, and planned to make a trip to holland v to buy something to eat from bread talk before i took the 165 home. so i got up the bus, and was comfortably seated, when i realised that the bus was taking a strange direction out of school instead of going to science first. then i was trying to remember whether the other variants of the 95 service (95A, 95B 95D or what shit la) do that.

but when the bus finally dropped me at clementi, i confirmed that i had taken actually 96 instead. how clever. luckily 165 terminates at the clementi interchange so i can find a way back.

2. on saturday, when matin and i wanted to watch benjamin button. i was overjoyed when i spotted a movie timing that fitted our tight schedule. but then matin was like, ‘uh no, we dont have time for that’

well i realized i mistook 11pm for 9pm or something like that.
dont ask me how.

thats just about all the strange dyslexic incidents i can remember. i have a feeling there was more but physio screwed with my memory as well so i can’t quite remember those. maybe i can apply physio and use the term ‘declarative memory’ here. haha but i bet its in the wrong context.

1 more week and i get a proper break without any CAs to study for! except that stupid SSA paper that i have no clue how to start, because i’ve been kind of expecting the tutor to go through with us, but unfortunately they dont offer the generous gesture of spoon-feeding here :S

btw i got an A+ for my sleeping pills!
anybody want one?

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