love and lost

i came to know last night, that Jaclyn Chong, who was my junior in ij prefects, had passed away from spinal cancer on sunday.

it really hit me today, when i saw her picture in the Straits Times obituary. her death was so shocking and sudden. she’s only coming to 19 years old this year. and spinal cancer is so damn rare.

the hardest thing to think about is that it could have happened to anyone, anytime, and they only have so little time left to say goodbye to everyone they have ever known and loved.

this is also the first time i’ve ever known someone (not a relative) in the first degree who passed away. i remember her as a really jovial person. her best friend was Victoria, and they were both in prefects together. they were so amusingly good at playing bimbotic that i got them to play the bimbo roles in a seniors’ farewell play. needless to say, they pulled it off damn well.

it sucks to know that death means you would never see the person again, that you’d never get a chance to see her in town and wave hello, or feign ignorance and not wave hello. i didn’t even know she had cancer until sunday..

and after watching the curious incident of benjamin button on sunday, i was truly depressed.
about death, in particular. but there was one line that impacted me the most:

‘Benjamin, we’re meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?”

i hope Jaclyn’s family finds the strength and courage to move on.
and may she rest in peace.

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