take it from me

oof i have to use extra effort in typing because my left arm is gg-ed from guitar hero.

it was a pretty rough day today, more so for my brother than anything. he’s really been in a darn unlucky streak as of late. first there was the 13 points horror, then the engorged earlobe full of pus and blood, and he got posted to his 5th choice of junior college today- JJC science

JJC is really not a bad school. which was why i told him to put it down in the first place. the thing was that, nobody really imagined that he wouldn’t have gotten his first 4 choices. so right now, we’re in a situation where a bishan boy takes 3 hours to get to and from school everyday. makes my extremely long 74 bus rides to ACJC seem so trivial.

so my parents, being at work, were pestering me to take my noob of a brother down to the schools to appeal for a transfer. but i had school in the afternoon. so my dad took over. seriously, i think my brother is so baby-ed till the point of being handicapped. when he went to cj, he realised he forgot to bring his testimonial and CCA cert. like wth la.

anyhow, after CJC they drove to NYJC to make another appeal. but the poor bishan boy still has to report on monday at 730am at JJC, right until friday when the appeal results are released.

it would be really tragic if he gets both rejections.

i think i was really lucky to have had the first 3 months scheme in my year. also coupled with the fact that you know needed 8 or 9 points to get into ACJC. really really lucky. i don’t think i would’ve been able to get in now, when the cut off point has dropped to 6, and i dont even have CCA to back me up much.

feeling slightly nostalgic about school at this point, i’m glad to say that i’ll be going back soon for Founders Day to get something called the scholastic merit award! yess, i do remember founders day when i was in school. being forced to sit through nearly 3 hours of things that don’t concern you, the only consolation being that you get to skip lessons, ESPECIALLY 4 period GP lessons.

for the first hour, i just fall asleep. second hour, i start to have a strong urge to pee. by the middle of the second hour, i am banished from returning to my seat because the logic is that students walking in at random intervals will distract others. i spend the rest of founders day being stuck in LT 2, freezing my butt off.

heh heh but then that time i was stuck in there with cassy, so i got dear matin and oliver to come over for company, with jackets somemore! funny how they’d simply do anything then, compared to now.

aww i can’t wait!
except for the worrisome bladder problem though

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