a footnote in someone else’s happy ending


i managed to find the english version of guitar hero- on tour decades for my nds, like FINALLYYY! oh how i have been searching for you for so longg!!

i cramped my hands finishing about 20 songs today. heh heh let me brag: i 5 star-ed every single one of them. now let me add the last bit: in medium mode. hahah okay la but at least i can probably unlock some special song if i continue my streak.

anyhow remember the story of my brother and his celebration of liberty from the O levels, a piercing on his left ear.

well apparently i was quite right about the correlation between his obvious lack of hygiene (to begin with) and the eventual inflammation of his ear lobe. it became grossly enlarged over the past week because he kept sleeping on his pierced ear while it was still rather inflammed.

so a trip to the doctors today left him with a painful incision on the abnormal bulge, a whole lot of blood loss, and a bruised earlobe. haha ouch indeed. i videoed my mum squeezing out more blood out of the the incision when we got home, but then i started getting nauseous so i had to stop. lol failed attempt at overcoming my phobia for blood.

so that’s all the exciting stuff there is to say about this week. and might i add, a very meaningful discussion about dating ethics over lunch today.

sometimes it scares me how much i remember a person, enough to associate various features of a complete stranger with the former.


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