yum yum hee bee hiam!

gong xi fa cai!


well despite the economic downturn, the sad excuse that everyone has been using when they cut their ang paos, i’ve received a considerably good haul this year!



of course, the bulk of it goes into my savings, but the same bulk will be quickly depleted in no time.

nonetheless, and to be more diplomatic about this, cny is never always about ang paos. its about wearing new clothes! haha okay not exactly very diplomatic either..

well how about catching up with relatives and having them make embarrassing comments about everything from

height– or the lack of compared to my bean pole of a brother. everyone seems to have the same, standard, dramatic effect of commenting at my brother’s immense height. some pretend to faint as they look skyward, others ask him if he plays basketball or swim alot, and the rest just claim that he ‘used to be shorter than me before!’. ya haha like what, 4 years ago?! yaoming used to be shorter than you too, you know.

beauty– heh heh i shy la

grades– that my brother conveniently managed to avoid this time around because there was nothing much to brag about. and damn why doesnt anyone ask me about my spectacular A level grades rather than my below-average semester 1 grades?

and potential suitors from school– i just grunted weirdly, prompting a subject change.

apart from all that, i spent most of my time sneaking snacks from the table, which made wearing the tight-fitting topshop dress really unbearable by the time i was done with a very sumptious lunch at Macdonalds. it had better fit, or rather, i had better fit it still by comms ball in march.

when i was at my grandad’s place, i was looking at all the framed pictures of family photos taken during previous chinese new year. must say that the period between ages 12-17 is the most embarrassing photographic moment of my life.

my fashion sense was completely warped! i was choosing all these frighteningly unmatching outfits, thinking that i actually looked good then. its almost like watching season 1 of sex and the city after you’ve seen the characters in season 6- very torturous. but that’s how fashion is, isn’t it? makes one feel repulsed when looking at old photos.

puberty also totally screwed up my face, and did no justice to my bust until i turned 18. that’s the horrid thing about the teens. but the twenties mean i’m going to become old and wrinkly in no time.

okay enough talking now. pictures time! pictures that i’ll probably look back on some day and go, ‘omg FUGLY dress!’ even though its my favourite for the moment haha.



ya i know, you just feel like reaching out to tickle the foot



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