melon ball

video is up! pity the quality is really bad though, and you have to tilt your head left to watch it hahaha


it was a last minute decision to get all of us down to Harry’s at orchard, for the big attempt at getting renard pissed on his birthday. sadly it was pretty late by the time the guys booked out and came, so we only had an odd hour for drinks.

lol while waiting for the rest, shaun and i went to far east to get renard a shirt. we picked out one with a bass guitar on it. while paying, i suddenly spotted an obscene-witty shirt on the display that said something about breasts. i jokingly suggested to shaun to get it for renard, but when he saw it, he was so delighted abt my brilliant find that he bought it for himself instead. and then he changed into it on the spot and wore it for the rest of the night.

well we went to the Harry’s in the dodgy corner of far east square. it was a good thing it was pretty empty because we were making a whole lot of noise. haha joel had this whole menu of drinks planned out for renard to get him wasted.

first up was a tequila pop- something you had to slam onto the table before drinking. haha joel always orders all these drinks where you need to perform some cool action before drinking.

renard looked fine, although pretty shaken, after the first one. next up was a barcadi shot, which had 60% alcohol content. it smelled horrid, almost as bad as laboratory ethanol. joel told renard to drink it whenever he was ready, but unfortunately it had to be before 1130 cos i’m not missing the last bus to see him drinking it own time own target.

so just a little after he had downed his tequila shot, the barcardi was in. haha noob renard only managed like 3/4 of the shot before he started sputtering because the alcohol burned his mouth badly.

we took pity on poor renard and decided to drink with him. so we bought 5 shots and had one each. i had the bailey’s irish cream, which really tasted very nice! yumyum (: probably the only alcohol that genuinely tastes good.

but mercy was not to last for long. joel ordered the flaming lamborghini. basically its a very painful process of drinking alcohol while it is flaming. the last time i saw gen’s mum drinking it, it was truly traumatising. building up to the climax of the night, we got melinda on skype through joel’s laptop, waiting for the big one.

unfortunately, the bartender was NOT good at the flaming lamborghini at all! he took so long flaming the alcohol, half of it had evaporated already. and when it finally became alight, he dumped it into the glass, and the flames went out. and then he tried to light the alcohol by sticking the lighter in the glass wtf. in the end he gave up and just told renard to drink up. totally unsatisfactory can.

for that, they gave us one drink on the house. haha i videoed the whole thing but youtube’s screwy now so i can’t put the video here. will do when its fully uploaded! you can actually hear melinda’s voice from the laptop going ‘wahh very drama leh!’

well, tgif again! and,


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