happy birthday amber!



yes! amber turns 1 today!

well, sort of. i backtracked 5 weeks from the date that i bought her because she was 5 weeks old then. so yup, about 1 year ago today, baby hairless amber was squirming around an overcrowded cage, hopefully not the product of some incest pregnancy, although it is very likely..

its so funny watching her run all over the place, looking for things to nibble on. i got pretty worried when i saw that she was nibbling on my spongebob eraser (worried for her and not spongebob, that is. i’m not a sadist), but luckily she’s picky enough about her food to spit the rubber out.

my mum and i have both fed her so well in the past year. hamster food once a day, and sometimes twice if she’s greedy and starts attracting attention to herself by biting at the rusty cage bars.

my mum, in an attempt to prevent amber from getting cancer and all sorts of diseases she claims vegetables can prevent, spams her with lettuce, cabbage and broccoli daily. she even tried carrots but amber kicked it out of the food bowl- haha we are very much alike after all.

and now she’s a fatty! but fatty hamsters are always that much cuter. if the animation producers of bolt made the hamster some anorexic-looking thing, where got cute?

1 year down, half a lifespan more to go. but if the vegetable diet is as effective as my mum claims it to be, she’ll live a long time more!

yay, 5 more days till matin gets home (:


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