here’s to the nights we felt alive


suelynn and i skipped off, after the lsm lecture had ended early, to town. i’m so glad i wore my birks cos i would’ve died in my pumps from walking for 5 hours straight.

we had lunch at din tai fung. yummy xiao long baos! being greedy, we ordered 10 of them. unfortunately they got cold pretty fast, so it wasn’t as yummy anymore.

and then we walked and walked, to all the usual places and the usual shops in orchard. i am really getting bored of the place, there is really nowhere to go and shop in singapore anymore. i felt pretty broke so all i bought was red sally hansen nail polish for cny.

suelynn, on the other hand, went wild with her nets card all over the place again. haha there was this time when we walked into marks and spencer, with the intention of her buying seamless underwear only. then after paying for it, we came across a sale rack with wollen gloves. and she bought a pair! hahaha a completely random purchase, although she explained that her family might go on holiday to a winter country soon. but i still think ‘shoppaholic tendencies‘ fits better as an excuse.

at 6 i met joel and kenny. we couldnt get tables at Timbre, so we ended up eating a less-than-satisfying dinner at chijmes’ Harry’s. there’s no longer happy hour either, so drinks weren’t very cheap.

shaun later came at 8pm. by that time, we had already left Harry’s. so he grabbed a subway as we thought of where else to go next. and then smart shaun suggested that we go to this posh chichi looking bar at esplanade, called ‘7’.

i had a bad feeling the moment i stepped in, and a look into the menu confirmed my fears. but by that time it was too late because we were already seated in the posh sofa, surrounded by people who obviously live very luxurious lifestyles. the boys were too wussy to walk out, so shaun bought like the cheapest thing on the menu- coffee. hahaha and joel had a jagger something. basically a drink that cost like 3 times the price of one at a normal bar.

afterwards we spent the remaining time at gelares, planning dear renard’s birthday.

at 10pm, i took out my last course of antibiotics to eat. and then simultaneously, all 3 guys shouted at me to stop, because according to them, you can’t eat any kind of drug after alcohol consumption. initially i wasn’t going to give a shit about their wussy protests, but shaun’s face looked dead serious and even kenny insisted that i take it at a later time just to be safe. so to spare them from being responsible for my potential death-by-antibiotic convulsions, i heeded their advice.

you know i thought you only can’t mix certain drugs with alcohol, and thats like when you use alcohol to wash down a tablet. for example, panadol. so obviously i didnt think there was anything wrong with it, considering i finished my screaming orgasm by 7pm.

i looked that up on the internet:

While it’s unwise to mix medicine with alcohol, only few drugs are affected by the action of it. The truth is that antibiotics have different routes of leaving the body, some broken down in the liver, excreted in the urine or passing straight through in the faeces. To a large extent this determines how long they stay active in the body and how often you need to take them. Alcohol may increase the excretion rate or slow down the rate drugs are broken down.

see boys, i’m wasn’t going to be foaming and spasming after all.


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