first day at school

first day at school

started off pretty badly last night. i knew it was going to have alot of trouble adjusting back to my 11pm school bedtime, so i made sure i had cough syrup before i slept to knock me out.

well unfortunately, the cough syrup wasn’t useful. i only managed to get to sleep at my usual holiday 2am bedtime. also kind of explains why the coughing fits hasn’t stopped. time to change cough syrup.

luckily i got through an entire 8-6 day without a migraine, although my mind was real sluggish during the morning physio lecture. i am really trying to work harder this sem. so i decided to try mimicking the 100% attention span of the 5 cappers, stephanie and christina, diligently taking notes and making a promise to myself to read up on endocrine physiology when i get home.

but 45 minutes into the lecture, i gave up my 5 capper concentration method and started to look around the lt to see who had become attached or dyed their hair over the holidays.

the second lecture was a big waste of time. kaye and i spent most of it looking at the guys in front checking out other guys on facebook (haha amusing and disturbing at the same time), until weixian opened up wordpad, changed the font to size 40, and typed:





was surprised the lecturer actually carried on despite all the noise and fidgetting lol.

i met gen after for lunch. and then we took 10 to vivo to kill the 4 hour break between 12pm and singapore society at 4pm. gen finally got her sentosa islander card, while i went to renew mine! and then we walked around aimlessly for the next hour to get rid of the after-lunch sleepy state, washed out faces in the toilet, and took a bumpy (banged my head on the window really loudly) nap on the bus back to school.

singapore society lecture was such a bore. feels like social studies in primary school all over again, disputing about how sang nila utama mistook a tiger for a lion.

and that, my dear friends, was my uneventful first day at school. i’m glad its over though, cos the rest of the week are all half days! (:

oh and the big news for today: my brother got 13 for the Os

he was disappointed of course, it is definitely a great drop from the spectacular 9 at the prelims. and now he’s left to fill in the slots with jcs that only accept 10 pointers, where his minus bonus 11 points doesnt quite make the cut. hope it works out for him, though i think he really deserves an ‘i told you so’ for being such a complacent turd.


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