the big bang

2008 has been one of the most confusing years of my life.

firstly, there was no school for like 3/4 of it. working a monotonous admin job makes it all the more unmemorable. as such, the days would fly by in the exact same manner, leaving out a huge chunk of the year from my brain box labelled ‘memories in 2008’.

then the confusing uni year starts off in july, messing the entire routine that i have been adopting for the last 12 years of schooling life. during the term break in September, i find myself wondering if its march. and uni exams end even later than the cambridge ones ever did.

despite all that. i must say that 2008 was pretty eventful, at least for the remaining memories that are left in said brain box.

boyfriend and friends disappearing off for 2 weeks to tekong, and returning from it to become boring men who only ever seem to talk about route marches, water parades, crotch abraisions and 5 BXs.

i found myself dreading weekdays and only allowing weekends to be considered as ‘fun’ days. no wonder a large chunk of the year is missing. but sooner or later, i did get used to the brief 10 minutes phone calls, inaudible whispering over the phone after lights out, occasional visits to the army shop at chevrons to wait for him to stock up on army supplies (i even got my own navy green name tag with my name on it!) and plenty of free time to visit the library alone.

oh i’m not even going to get started on OCS. on the bright side though, it does offer slight perks: social nights and commissioning balls. ooh can’t wait for my turn next year!

so many of those this year! first at the chalet with melly and weijoe, and then at melly’s farewell party, and then after exams at nat’s house, finally at melly’s coming home party lol.

first time i’ve stayed over in one, in a long long time. goodness, the one at pasir ris costa sands is in an extremely bad condition. it was so run-down and ancient, i was half expecting to see a wartime ghost in the toilet mirror.

the second time around, we went to the downtown east one, which was so much better. plus, because of the weird timing of the year that we had holidays and the rest of the country didn’t, we were able to enjoy off peak promotions and free passes to wild wild wet! (see Wild Wild Wet)

Dying Hair
bring on the rebellion!

at the beginning of the year, gen and i had our virgin hair-dying experience. i can’t believe its been such a long time that i cant even recommend you the hair stylist because she’d quit already.

if there’s one important lesson i learnt about hair dying, is that you should never dye your hair ‘medium copper brown’.

it turned out to be blacker than my original hair colour. so i had to go back 2 days later to get it redyed to a lighter shade of brown. my scalp was itching like mad for the next few days because of all the chemicals.

in july, gen and i visited a dodgy hair salon in lucky plaza to redye our hair. until now, i still cannot understand David’s artistic intention in placing clumps of light brown in supposed strategic places. apparently he claims that its a new trend of streaking hair, but i still dont see that on victoria beckham or heidi klum.

right now i’m still saving up for my next trip to the hair salon, which will probably only come after cny next year ): by then i’d have long luxurious hair that can be layered nicely without the risk of looking like a taiwanese ah lian with scanty rebonded hair.

looking back on the records i kept of my nets receipts (in order to curb my extravagant ways -but it didnt work), i realised i’d paid a whopping 30 bucks for my second ear hole!!!

i really should have taken a leaf out of my brother’s book (for once) and done it at the dodgy 77th street for $5. haha paying $30 for the supposed sanitized disposable capsule still gave me infection and pus because the damn earring was so difficult to remove.

maybe i shall get one more next year on my left ear, although the current second earhole has really been more useless than anything because i refuse to infect it again with cheap diva studs. but it is simply not right to have gen’s cousin, a mere 13 year old, have more earholes than i do.

i thought i never would, but i hit 200 friends!!!! haha i have a proud 212 friends now! its a pathetic number but i can’t imagine the humiliation of getting across the 2008 hurdle with just 100 plus friends.

Guitar Hero
it was joel who lead me to discover the joy of hitting 4 colour-coded (i’m not at ‘hard’ yet) buttons in time to dots that slide down the screen, and in tune to favourite rock songs of all time.

must say, it’s one of the greatest games of all time!

it has also taken a huge toll on the size of the hole in my pocket. from numerous visits to cine’s e-arcade, to buying my very own guitar hero on tour on my NDS (see nitendo DS). at least i’ve graduated to ‘hard’ on that version.


in the year of the rat, i fell in love with cute dwarf hamsters in the little glass tanks on display outside pet lovers stores. and since i had the boring $7 an hour admin job, i could afford to buy myself my very first pet!

so this was the story of Amber. she’s about 12 months old now! and she’s getting weirder by the minute. i think one day she’s going to die of tetanus, because she likes to bite the cage bars to attract attention to herself and trick humans into feeding her.

on the other hand, matin has roughly 10 or more hamsters, living in 6 different cages on a hamster rack in the corner of his house. haha all thanks to the fateful day that he went back to the pets store to exchange a very violent female for an unsuspecting pregnant one.

and from then on, the buggers just wont stop reproducing.

I give your kids tuition

tuition can be a nightmare if
1. you’re with an agency
2. your student is half awake while you’re teaching her, and mumbles wrong answers inaudibly through her upper lip piercing.

still relatively bitter about the fact that the nightmare kid fired me before i could kick her out of my schedule.

thankfully though, there was jocelyn from Hougang,
[no agency- check
no upper lip piercing- check]
who got me to help her with Amaths and Chem 2 months before the O levels. every time i came, she’d already have in mind exactly what she wanted me to teach her.

now there’s wenyi from opposite the block.
[no agency- check
no upper lip piercing- check]
she’s absolutely brilliant. i am still amazed by the fact that she could do all the pv=nrt question that i gave her from the A level tys even though she’s only 15. next week i’m teaching her how to balance redox equations. now isnt that scary?


the end of As brings about the desperate need to get a job in order to finance my slacker lifestyle. thank goodness for gen’s mum, and a timely vacancy for the admin post in AIG’s call centre. i dont think i wouldve had it any other way. in the working world, having any possible relation to the boss is advantageous, because nobody really dares to touch you.

so december 2007 to august 2008 added up to a whopping 9 months, which practically qualifies me for the long service award for temp staff. haha occassionally, when i’m burried chest deep in math tutorials and physical pharm lab reports, i do miss lazing around yet being complimented for my IT skillz, secret 5 minutes naps in the toilet, climbing tables and chairs to redecorate the notice board, the good food in eunos, and the nice malay stall curry puff from downstairs.

most of all, the $1000 per month income was really great.

Kan’t find anything that starts with K ):

ooh i got my very first lappie in august this year at the matric fair! thanks to the myth that my parents believe it- that all uni kids need a laptop for school. haha so far, i’ve only brought it to school twice, and barely had to use it at all because pen and paper always seemed to be more convenient.

Melinda on a jetplane
aww really miss the times we’d meet at far east after work to eat cheesy hotdogs, and laugh at weird ahlian clothing or stupid shop names.

nonetheless, msn messenger, and the fact that melinda always makes it a point to come online in the afternoon (in UK time) to talk to all of us in singapore, pretty much kept everything the same as before.

oh and not to mention all the online shopping that melinda helped me ship back from UK! (ha ha dont mean to rub it in joel)

its going to suck when she goes back on the 12th of jan ):

Nitendo DS

haha its hard to believe that i actually picked up a trend from working with the people at AIG, and that was the trend of owning a DS. creswell convinced me that it was the most entertaining thing on earth, esp since nit ds games are mindless and easy to win- perfect for a sore loser like me.

but i wasn’t convinced to get it until i found out the guitar hero released a game suited for the nds console. i simply had to get it. and in total, i spent $300 on the entire set, using my first pay from tuition.

say goodbye to boredom and hello to prawn peeling on cooking mama, baking cakes on cake mania, and stitching people up on trauma centre!

Online Shopping

jessie is the one responsible for leading me astray with this one!

my very first purchase online was a bag frm taiwan that took 3 months to arrive. thank goodness it was made of relatively good quality leather despite its cheap price. and that established my faith in online shopping.

in a span of 4 months, i bought at least 15 new items for my wardrobe. dresses, tops, shorts, and leggings. dont want to know how much i spent in the process :S

few good sites to shop at:

best quality clothes!

forgive me for being pervy, but this site gets top marks for the model. she makes all the clothes look so deceivingly good!

this one basically has alot of clothes, and at cheaper prices compared to the same ones selling in other blogshops.

if you ask me why i wanted to become a pharmacist, i still wouldn’t be able to think of a valid reason. but i suppose it was the closest i could get to being in the healthcare industry without having to hurt someone else or look at blood.

i just wish i wasn’t struggling so much now academically.

Quad Fac Bash
marked the first official time i went clubbing. haha well it wasn’t really clubbing per se, since i hardly got high on alcohol, and because i didnt get high, i couldn’t bring myself to dance. haha i went home at 1030pm. most mellow experience ever.

Results Day
was the scariest day of my life.

i still remember every single detail of that day. the fear at the thought of not achieving 3As and being left alone in the row of chairs, while every single one of my classmates went up; the crazy emotions i felt when my name was called out; my wobbly legs leading me onstage, and hugging mel and cassy because the 3 of us had made it up there!

hahaha and i still cant believe i got an A for econs.

yes, i have obviously become addicted to the beach this year. and in feb, i paied $15 to sign up for the islander card, which gives you free entry to sentosa and many other discounts within the places in the island. best damn $15 investment ever!

considering that i’ve been there at least 15 times this year, i’ve managed to save $30 on entrance fees! ah now, with a new bikini to my collection, and a sprawling 2-people-large sentosa beach mat, i really can’t wait to hit the sand again!

has got to be my favourite movie and book of the year.
90% because of robbert pattinson!

but stephanie meyers really puts in great detail in writing out a love story between 2 people. i realised that this is the one of the very few books that i can read for a long long time without feeling bored or distracted. it sucks me in so deep, and i am able to feel every single emotion that the author details in the story.

i am truly in love with Edward Cullen (:

its funny how uni really reunites all the people that you used to know and study with throughout your entire life. including people you dont feel like reintroducing yourself to, because of a bad experience with them, so you hope to god that they dont recognise you. it’s worked for me pretty well so far haha.

and there are always scary new experiences, like making new friends and MA1100. thank goodness for the company though, that has really helped me through my first semester.

i sure hope next sem gets better, with a soci and SS module stacked up in my ‘modules shopping cart’

btw, best toilet in NUS: the one at university hall

Vonderful Veet

the person who invented veet really deserves a nobel prize award.

all you need is 10 minutes of your time, every 2 weeks (longer if you dont mind the pokey strands), to get rid of the fuzz. and when the hair grows out, it doesnt even itch or provoke an outbreak of rashes.

Wild Wild Wet
ohh man i miss that place. i’ve only been there 2 times, mainly because its ridiculous to pay $15 to go back again to sit on the same slides that you’ve ridden on the first time. however, unlike sentosa, sand doesnt get into your bikini bottom. tanning is great too. just grab a donut float, sit your bum in the hollow ring, relax and let the sun do the bronzing work.

ooh and the toilets are fantastic! well as long as there are no screaming kids peeing all over the place before you.

Xmas 2008
maybe not the best this year, because matin had to book in. army does have a way of killing the festive mood, doesnt it? well but the party at gen’s house was great, and so are all the christmas presents this year 😀

urgh but the raw mussel i ate in the seafood spagetti sauce really gave me a hard time in the toilet that night..

okay i think i’m going to stop at X because i am seriously too brain dead to think of anything starting with Y and Z. well for Y, there’s ‘yucky anatomy museum cadavers‘ but that reminds me of the disturbing chlorofoam combined with body juice smell , and that peeves me out every time. so i shall spare you and me from recounting the horrid yet thrilling experience.

my new year resolutions for 2009:
1. stop cracking my knuckles (same damn resolution every year)
2. get a 4.2 average cap at the end of year 2 sem 1
3. be a better friend, sister, and daughter.
4. stop spending so much money
5. conquer ‘hard’ mode on guitar hero


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