you can smile with all those tears in your eyes

i’m beginning to see a routine here.

i go out the entire day, catch the 2nd last bus home at 1130, blog, and sleep at 2am. have to really kick the 2am sleeping habit soon though, or i’d be major jet-laggged when school starts.

today was exciting! suelynn and i had a sumptious and horribly unhealthy ikea lunch. it consisted of 6 chicken wings and 10 meatballs. my face felt like it had oil oozing out of it after that.

then we wandered around the place and she bought 2 clocks and pillow cases. haha nearly got lost on the way out.

after which, shoppaholic suelynn brought me across the road to anchorpoint shopping centre, which until now, i thought was a dead heartlander place with random food outlets and cheapo clothes stores.

oh how wrong was i…
it is most fascinating- that there actually exists a place that has factory outlet stores!

there was charles and keith, which was having an end-of-season sale. all their shoes were going for like below 30 bucks. there were some going for $9!!! suelynn bought a pair of shades for $12.90

there is also giordano, club marc (really shitty sale), pedro and billabong!!

ooh at billabong, i dashed straight towards the bikini section. unfortunately, all the half-priced bikinis only had size 12 and 14 left. and then, in the corner of the rack, was the ONLY size 8 left. it was a bright peachy-pink colour with the words ‘billabong’ splashed across the boob and butt in gold foil print.

what was better, was that the entire set (top + bottom) costs only $35 (u.p. $70)
how not to buyyyyy?? 😀

suelynn bought a lovely flower print canvas bag for $25 (u.p. $50+)

the guys leather wallets there are also going for only half price at $20+

after that, i met mel and joel in town. we walked from far east to cine, and then to cathay. but all the slots for guitar hero were full booked ):

so we went to ps arcade. i’m not usually i very arcade-y person. basically dont like the noise and the silly addictive games. strangely, i kinda did enjoy myself this time around. we got 4 tokens each and played all the weirdest games.

joel and melinda started off by playing some hand-eye coordination game. meanwhile, i was watching all the weirdos around us who were playing similar hand-eye coordination games.

you can totally tell that they visit the machines very very often, because they were playing the hardest level, and the notes were sliding down the screen so bloody fast! i think it’d make the notes on guitar hero’s expert mode look like the easiest level. and yet they were hitting ALL of the buttons in the right time.

freaks. its almost like they’d developed a spiderman reflex of slowing things things down visually.

melinda and i played time crisis! hee hee i secretely like dont-care-anyhow-shoot-people games. i saw this machine in which you are supposed to shoot giant spiders that are coming at you while you are on a moving jungle truck. maybe i shall try that next time (:

and then we spent out last 2 tokens on the basketball machine. considering my aiming is like shit, both of us hit a pretty damn good high score of 272!

oh and we played foozeball again and pwned joel.

joel later drove all of us to holland v for supper with weijoe!

haagen daz chocolate fondue!!! i havent had that since 2004. (okay you know that you’re getting old when you recount experiences in terms of the year that they occurred.)



i’m not surprised if i wake up tomorrow and my new bikini doesn’t fit anymore ):


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