jamming escalators

oh dear i have completely lost my guitar hero skillz in the past 3 months of inactivity. unfortunately practicing means donating my entire savings to cine’s spammer arcade, so i guess i’d be stuck at the medium level for the rest of my life.


anyhow, playing with mel, weijoe and joel is super fun as always. next time we seriously need to get the console in a room to shield everyone’s ears from joel’s wild shrieking. i swear he seems to punctuate every single sentence with a variety of vulgarities. well, at least there is a variety right.

either it was his raucous laughter, or our pure skillz and showmanship, but people kept coming over to stand behind us and watch us play. haha there was this little boy, nearly 10 maybe, who came up behind the sofa and played along with joel and mel, in expert mode, on his imaginary air guitar.

while we were leaving, we saw him playing by himself at the same station, while his poor maid/mother sat in the corner, waiting for him. scary how parents spoil their kids nowadays.

unfortunately, guitar hero world tour wasn’t working. so we had to play GH3 in the meantime. realised how much i missed the game, and how much i suck at it still haha. we’ll be back on monday though, to try out world tour. $30 an hour- bloody ripoff omg.

haha after that we spotted a foozeball table in the corner and decided to play. man i really suck at the game, or games in general! hahaha joel and i got pwned by weijoe and melinda flat out. gotta give joel the credit though, for saving so many of my own goals with just a tiny plastic man.

shokudo was for dinner!


nearly everything we ate had egg in it omg i nearly died after awhile. then we adjourned to a quaint little place at the basement of heeren, called dessert story, and had 2 bowls of shaved ice (mango and chocolate) dessert.

its funny because the bowl would start off at the centre of the table. then it’d slowly edge across, bit by bit, towards weijoe. until he realises that he’s been hogging the bowl for the last 10 scoops, then he will push it back to the centre. hahah after that the bowl slides back towards him within the next few minutes.


hahaha it was absolutely hilarious the way it happened. we were on the escalator back up to level 1 of heeren, when melinda decided to jump 2 steps up onto the moving escalator to be on the same step as weijoe. and the moment she landed, the escalator stopped moving.

whether it was mere coincidence, or too much mango ice kachang that melinda had to eat, it sent us all into fits of laughter. joel’s unnecessarily loud shrieking had attracted a group of guys, who gathered at the end of the escalator. they tried to figure out how to restart it, but i guess they failed. so they had to walk up too.

lol, what a day.


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