taking hits, taking time

3 pictures to sum up a day.


we were thirsty and thought of getting bubble tea at first. but i have no idea why even though vivocity is so damn large, there is not single stall that sells bubble tea. how can! that is like a shopping mall without Sa Sa!

so we tried to find something chilled to drink at Vivomart. but somehow, all the drinks on the shelves didn’t seem cold or appealing enough, until we wondered over to the alcohol section. on an impulse decision, we grabbed a bottle of green apple vodka, paid up, and took turns to gulp down the green liquid within seconds of leaving the cashier.

luckily, the green apple flavour seemed to mask the alcohol pretty well. so it didnt taste like thinner, unlike how long island tea does sometimes. we found a seat on the metal benches at the basement level, and finished up the entire bottle.

noobs as we were, it started to get really really drowsy after that. gen’s face was completely flushed, all the way down her neck. we were laughing wildly at her red face, and her crazy suggestion to go back and get another bottle. haha luckily she didn’t pass out or anything, or it would have been terribly embarrassing.

the events before that are pretty dull.

well we did spend an uncomfortably long time in newurbanmale because gen had to get her shirt exchanged for a different design. she told hunk 1, who greeted us at the door, that she was going to do an exchange. then while we were looking, hunk 2 popped up from behind and tried to lend his assistance. hunk 3 came over and wanted to elaborate on the buy 3 get 1 free promo. hunk 4 popped out the moment i expressed visual interest in a pair of havaianas- he was so helpful, he didnt even give me the chance to have difficulty removing the slippers from the plastic hook to try on.

there also seemed to be at least 3 other hunks waiting around, having absolutely nothing to do. hahaha newurbanmale really has some serious excess employment policy.

meanwhile, topshop had a buy 3 for $19 underwear sale! having been stuck in an underwear obsession for the longest time, i had to get some more. eugh, the stupid bitchy salesgirl with Amy Winehouse eyeliner-ed eyes is still working there.

yes and the reason why sentosa plans were cancelled- because of the gloomy weather. well better luck on sunday then.


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